A couple of things…

Last weekend we went to watch an endurance race in southern WI.  And talk about being in the OUTER circle of these people.  I went there thinking “hey, I was supposed to run part of this race, I can hang with these people”.  What I discovered was NO I CAN NOT HANG WITH THESE PEOPLE.  Wow, these people are incredible.  I’m specifically talking about the people running the 30 or 50 miles.  Yes, you read correctly… 30 or 50 miles!!  That is not a typo.  AND they ran it on a trail through a woods.  Anyone who’s done a trail run, even for fun, will tell you it’s a hell of a lot more difficult than just a normal run.  And these people did 30 or 50 miles of it.  As I’m standing there with my coffee and thinking how I’m a bit chilly, the friend we were there to cheer on was getting ready to run 30 miles through a woods.  My favorite conversation I overheard while I was trying hard to fit in… “did you see bob (his name has been changed to protect his identity or maybe I just forgot what his real name is, you decide and go with whatever reasoning you like) since he got back from Kona?  yeah, his family decided they want to do the fall 50 as a relay.  bob has to run 30 of the 50 miles”.  Oh, that made me laugh and cry at the same time.  If any of you don’t know what Kona or the Fall 50 is, be grateful!


Went to the chiropractor twice this week.  I’ve never gone before.  My initial thoughts….

  • I do not know what the appropriate attire is to have my body contoured, twisted, flipped, electrocuted and iced.  Day two I wore a big, baggy pair of jeans and that seemed to be the best.  But I can’t wear the same pants every time.  What to wear, what to wear?
  • Was a little worried to let the doctor see me in heels.   I saved that for the second appointment.  And to my great surprise he did not yell at me instead he recommended additional stretches.  He won a major brownie point with me for that one.
  • Why is it that I start sweating every time he starts working on me?  The first time, I think I was genuinely hot.  But the second time I think I was so worried about not sweating that I started to sweat.  I really hope I’m not known as “the sweaty girl” around the office.  That would not be good.  (Yet, it’s probably not the first time that that has been my nickname or the years.)
  • Chiropractor doesn’t really make eye contact.  I thought that was odd and a little unsettling.  But considering the bullet right above this… it’s probably par for the course.  (Yeah, there’s no way I’m not “sweaty girl” at the office”)
  • If in two appointments, the doctor has been about 15 minutes late each time, does that mean for my next appointment I can just show up 15 minutes late and we’ll both “be on time”?
  • Why is it that I already have my 3rd appointment scheduled and I didn’t even think I was feeling that bad.  I was going more as a precaution.  What is he finding wrong?  HHHmmmm.
  • Message to another patient:  If your 400 lbs, pushing 500 lbs, will an adjustment really help?  How about you try shedding a couple hundred pounds and then maybe your joints will feel better.  Not that I’m judging, well okay, I guess I am judging.  But still.  I’m sure you judged me as “the sweaty girl” so I can judge you as “the big guy who needs to lose a lot of weight”.
  • Women after a certain age, no matter that today is Halloween, should not dress up in costume while at work.  I’m a little embarrassed for you.  (There I go judging again.)


Okay, enough about that… I wanted to mention that I have my “why” for this marathon.  This marathon I’m running is in honor of my dad.  I came to this “why” for a couple of reasons, and events that happened this week really cemented it for me.  My first marathon, I ran in memory of my mom… I don’t want to wait for it to be “in memory of” my dad… I’d much rather do it “in honor of”.  That’s one big reason.  The other is that I know, if last time is any indication, I will need a lot of strength to train and run this marathon especially if I can’t get my knee problem under control.  And I don’t think I know a person who has more strength than my dad.  And he’s someone that (pain, or no pain) will never let something stop him from doing something (another thing to keep me going through the 500 miles).  Heart disease/pain, cancer and an awful cancer treatment, blood transfusion allergic reaction, arthritis and on and on and on (and really, I could go on and on and this was just 2008) and never has he complained.  I actually keep forgetting whats wrong because he does not let any of that stop him.  So, if he won’t let anything stop him, I won’t either.   The only tricky or should I say ironic thing about running in honor of my dad is that if he knew I was running in pain he would be the first one to tell me to stop.  He does not like me running with knee pain.  So, I really hope I can get rid of the pain.  Last time, I kept it from him.  He knew I was having pain, but I don’t think he knew to what extent.  So, this time it’s just better all the way around if I can kick this knee pain to the curb!

So, there you have it…  my “WHY”.  It’s a little over 2 months before training starts and if I keep things up, I should be ready.  I will be pain free and full of WHY!!


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