Things Kenyans don’t have to worry about… and other general observations

  • I really haven’t run much this year, instead of running I did a lot more cross training.  I will be lucky to get 450 miles in for the whole year.  Yet in 2007, I ran that amount by the marathon, which was in May.  I haven’t run more than once a week for about the past two or three months.  And the runs that I do are only 2-4 miles.  What’s my point?  My point is that come January, I will be running 5 days a week and each long run gets bumped up by a mile each week and I’ll be in double digits by February.  This leads me realize that I need to start training for my training.  How crazy is this?  How sad is this?  I guess when people ask when training starts I now have to say, December because my training for my training starts then!  Think the Kenyans are starting in December?
  • How much cold gear is enough?  I feel like I had a decent amount and I got some more at recent expos, but I still don’t feel like its enough.  I think I’m just projecting my anxiety of running in the cold on whether or not I have enough cold gear.  Think the Kenyans worry about cold gear?
  • When I run or workout after work, I change in the bathroom.  I usually “use” the bathroom before I change.  (Look at that, it’s November and I’m already referencing bathrooms.)  Why is it that I can’t go to the bathroom without pulling my pants back up (too much information) even though I literally take them right back down?  It really is a waste of my time, but yet I can’t not do it.  Anyone else change after going to the bathroom and also pull up their pants just to take them off again.  Do you think the Kenyans do this?
  • Why is it that I ask all of these questions?  My readers of this blog consists of my husband and 2 sisters, all of whom won’t really answer me.  Are these rhetorical questions or do I secretly hope for a world wide audience?  Are the Kenyans big into rhetorical questions?
  • Part of my new cold gear that I referenced above is a new stocking type running hat.  I never wore a winter hat or stocking hat when I run because I need to do something with my hair.  So, I usually wore a baseball cap and then wore a winter headband over my ears.  But this weekend I found a stocking type, running hat that has a hole in the back for a ponytail and it has little ear flaps.  I really, really have to struggle to get my hair through the hole, I think the hole was created for someone with much less hair than I have.  But I can’t figure out if I really look like a blazing idiot in the hat or if I just have to get used to it.  I’m leaning towards the fact that I’m just down right idiotic looking in it.  I think I have too much hair to have this hat completely flatten everything around my face with this big ole pony tail out back.  I look goofy.  But maybe I’ll get used to it.  Think the Kenyans have problems finding hats that don’t make them look goofy?
  • Planning ahead, because that’s what I do… (no, I do not have a spreadsheet created yet) how do I fit 5 days of running, 2 days of strength training, 1 day of yoga and 1 day of pilates and 1 day of rest into a 7 day week?  How many days are in a week over in Kenya?

That’s it for now.  Nothing earth shattering… just general observations.

Gotta run!


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