Things that suck.

Thanksgiving is still 2 days away which leaves me just enough time to bitch about things that suck before I need to be thankful.  So here it goes.

  • It sucks that I have no real desire to go out for a run.  Why is that?  I think it might be because I know what’s yet to come.  I definitely have to say that ignore is bliss.  I was happier to go for a run when I didn’t know how hard it was going to be.
  • It sucks that working out cross training with biking, strength training, Pilates, etc does nothing to keep you in shape for running.  I guess it’s really true what they say (who “they” are, I’m not quite sure) that if you want to get better at running you need to practice by running.
  • It sucks that motivation can’t be bought at a running store.  I would love nothing more than to throw a little bit of motivation in my basket right along side of my new hat, and fleece jacket.  If Nike could bottle and sell that, I’d buy it!
  • It sucks that it’s November 25th and we had our first snow fall (a whopping 2 inches) yesterday and people already have NOT shoveled their sidewalks.  I will go psycho on their ass if this keeps up all year.
  • It sucks running in the dark.
  • It sucks running on sidewalks that are icy.
  • It sucks running on old sidewalks that have uneven seams that are very dangerous and treacherous and could cause someone to trip and fall because it is icy and dark.  (Are you people following where I’m going or do I need to spell it out for you?)
  • It sucks to fall while running (for those of you readers that didn’t get where my last bullet point was going.)
  • It sucks falling, I mean it sucks while hurling myself head first toward the concrete at an extremely high rate of speed (the speed is because I was running quick like lightening) while a car is driving by.
  • It sucks falling, hurling head first… what ever you want to call it… getting up and looking around for the ice that made you fall so I could sue the asshole who didn’t shovel their sidewalk just to turn around and realize that it wasn’t ice, it was just the sidewalk.
  • It sucks looking back at the spot where I fell, over and over again while assessing the bodily damage I did to myself and STILL not seeing any ice.  (I really thought it was ice…. damn… how could it not have been ice.)
  • It sucks STILL assessing my bodily damage, while STILL searching for the elusive ice that I swear was the cause of me falling and then realizing I did it in full view of the car that just drove by.
  • It sucks anticipating the reaction from the car the, “are you okay” from the driver that I was sure was coming just to NOT have the driver stop or give a shit.  How could they not have stopped to see if I was okay?  What an asshole.  It was probably someone who didn’t shovel their sidewalk and was worried I’d sue!
  • It sucks putting a hole in my favorite pair of winter running pants.  Just when I thought I was done buying new winter running clothes, I have to go out and get another pair of pants.
  • It sucks that a few blocks before I fell I had taken my gloves off which means when I fell I had bare hands that braced my fall making a nice bit of road rash on my palms instead of my gloves.
  • It sucks falling a mile from home and realizing I have no way home but to finish my run.
  • It sucks that my last mile of my run… the mile in which I fell… was my fastest mile of the run.  What does that say about me?  I must really suck my first couple of miles if my running/wounded mile is the quickest yet.
  • It sucks sitting on the couch with ice on my knees.  And it sucks even more now that there are two reasons that I’m icing them… the ongoing knee problems and now my wipe out.

So, there you have it.  A sufficient list of things that suck.  I’m sure I’ll add more to it at a later date.  But until then and since Thanksgiving is around the corner, it’s time to be thankful that it wasn’t worse.

Gotta run,



3 responses to “Things that suck.

  1. Well, I’m THANKFUL that you got that out of your system before Thanksgiving. And I hope that your jello doesn’t SUCK.

  2. Yay, I got my first comment!!

    An NO, my jello will not suck. (At least I hope not. It is something very different. But yet it doesn’t seem too hard to pull off. How it will actually taste is another story.)

  3. Thank you… yes I was bored at work today and this kept my occupied for about 15 minutes : )

    Have a good run!

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