What’s been going on?

It’s been awhile since I posted (sorry, that makes me a bad blogger, but considering I’m a wanna be blogger, just like I’m a wanna be runner, I figure I can get away with some bad blogger behavior).  A lot as happened since my last post.  The holidays have come and gone as well as the Packers hopes for the playoffs.  We welcomed a New Year and soon will be welcoming a new President.  I’ve attended marathon kick off parties as well as pre marathon kick off parties.  I’ve added to my list of area businesses that I’ve confronted about their snow/ice removal and I’ve started a mental list as to which neighbors I’m reporting to the city first for not properly clearing their walks.   And all of this with only one official week of training under my belt.

I suppose I should explain some.  Where to start.  First, it started with Ted Thompson being an idiot and deciding to let go Brett Favre, the only NFL 3-time MVP!  Oh wait… I guess I don’t need to explain that.  This is a running blog, I should stick to the running explanations only.

This winter has been a mix of snow and cold.  And anyone that knows me, and considering my loyal readers (aka, my ONLY 3 readers) are related to me knows how difficult I find it to run in the snow, ice and cold.  It’s HARD.  And I don’t need this whole running thing to be any harder than it already is.  Plus I’ve realized a lot of my knee problems stem from my altered running form that happens when I run on snow and ice.  So, I WILL NOT tolerate people or businesses that don’t clear their property.  If we (please read ‘we’ as ‘my husband’) have to clear our property, damnit… everyone else does too.  So it was a particularly snowy week coupled with some ice and I was running in it for a few days.  One run in particular was a tad taxing and when I came upon Culvers Restaurant and their HORRIBLE sidewalks, I decided that the big conglomerate wouldn’t go without receiving a bit of Marla’s “damnit shovel your f-in’ sidewalks” wrath.  So the next day, still bitter I decided to send Culver’s Corporate office the following message.

“I am a runner and I run past the Culver’s on Mason Street in Green Bay, WI on a regular basis.  Living in WI and running outdoors in the winter I have become accustomed to running in some treacherous, snowy and icy conditions.  However, the sidewalk in front of this Culver’s store is absolutely horrible and the lack of snow and ice removal is not only dangerous but illegal within our city limits.  I am not sure if the snow removal is the responsibility of Culver’s or if you rent the land from another party.  But I would like to request someone look into who is responsible for snow removal and keep up with it.  I wish you could see it first hand and see for yourself how dangerous it is.  Every time I run past, I hope that I don’t fall.  But unless the snow and ice removal is taken seriously, someone will fall.  And in this sue-happy society, I would think it’s not a chance you’d want to take.  Thank you for your time.  Ms. Mney”

What do you think?  I think that was the right mix of forcefulness, mixed with sincerity and a bit of i’m-not-going-to-sue-you-if-i-fall-but-i’ll-let-you-wonder-if-i’m-capable-of-it angst.


Let’s see what else has been going on?  Oh yeah, training started.  But not first without a kick off party and a pre-kick off party.  I know what you’re thinking… that’s a lot of parties for a bunch of people running marathons.  Well, before you think we’re only doing our carb loading by consuming beer, let me elaborate on the pre-kick off party.

It was held by a friend of ours that Brian ran with in high school.  And when I say “ran with”, I don’t mean like “ran with a bad crowd”, I literally mean “ran with”.  They ran cross country together.  This friend of Brian’s has really embraced the running/fitness lifestyle and has run a handful of marathons, ran Boston and done some half Iron Mans and was training for a full IM last year but got injured a month before the event.  Well, this pre-kick off party was not the typical party that Brian and I normally go to.  Here are some of the “oddities” of the gathering.  1.  We were home by 9pm… that right there should tell you it’s not our normal crowd.  2.  All of the guys in the room at one time or another had run Boston.  3.  Three of the guys ran a 50K trail race and came in 1st, 3rd and 7th out of hundreds.  4.  One guy ran 26+ miles the Friday prior “just because”.  5.  That same guy qualified for Kona.  6.  Another guy at the party had run the Pikes Peak Marathon. 7.  More bottles of water were passed out to the party goers (not that there’s anything wrong with that) than bottles of beer.  It was a bit surreal.  The reason it was a bit “funky” (for a lack of finding a better word to use) was because I had thought I could hang with these people.  But I can’t!  I equate it to going on vacation to Mexico.  It sounds fine because I “know the language”… ya know, I can ask for a beer, ask where the bathroom is and say my name in Spanish.  But once you actually get to Mexico you realize you don’t really know the language and then the locals start looking at you funny and say “go home little girl… go back to your own country”.  This was the pre-kick off party.  I thought I knew the language until the others started looking at me funny and wishing I’d go back to my own country!


And of course it had to get fricken-free-your-face-off-cold just as training started.  I think this past week was basically all sub zero temps and that doesn’t include  .  If I can figure out how to attach photos to this think, I’ll post some pics of what you need to where when the temps are -25.  As much as I love my running accessories… the cold weather running accessories are not fashionable.  Especially the face mask that is new to my wardrobe this year.  It was something I searched out after last year when I realized I couldn’t feel my face after a long and cold run.  So, I have a mask that goes around my face.  And it worked well but it’s too big.  It kept creeping up and the only thing that didn’t stop it from riding all the way up and blinding me were my eyelids.  My frozen eye lids kept the face mask below my eyes.  But it was very uncomfortable so I’m going to have to rig some way of keep it down and keeping it tighter.  Whatever I come up with I’m sure will only enhance the already beautiful look of this mask.  I’ve already dubbed the mask “the beak” because it has a beak where my nose goes.  Trust me, this is not attractive and I only pull it out when the temps get below -20.  Anything warmer and the look does not justify the warmth.

Before heading out the door in -25 temps

Brian before heading out the door.  And I’m below before our run.

Believe it or not, I am smiling.  You can probably tell by my use of jazz hands.

Believe it or not, I am smiling. You can probably tell by my use of jazz hands.

This is how happy I am after a 3 mile run in -25 degree weather.  I'm not smiling now!

This is how happy I am after a 3 mile run in -25 degree weather. I'm not smiling now!

Well, after looking over these photos, there’s really nothing else to say in this post that can top that.  Sub zero temps… that’s hard to beat in the first week of training.

So for now…

Gotta run.


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