How winter running is like winter driving

It’s occurred to me lately that running in winter is very similar to driving in winter.  They are both something I’d rather not do, but yet it’s unavoidable.  Here are some similarities for you to ponder.

  • Just like when driving in snow, it definitely will take you longer to get where you are going when running in snow.  What used to be a 10 minutes mile can sometimes be as pathetic as an 11 or 12 minute mile.   At least I’m hoping it’s the snow.
  • The number of times Brian utters “be careful” is in direct proportion to the number of times I almost fall or run into something.
  • There are some snow storms that no matter which direction you are running or driving in, it constantly feels like you’re driving into the storm.  Kind of “Star Wars opening sequence with all of the stars and moving through the galaxy” type of way.  (Not sure how many of you followed my reference but it makes total sense in my mind.)
  • I’d rather run and drive in cold weather than in snow.  When there’s snow on the roads, there’s always a good chance I’ll get hit by a car.  But when it’s cold, I don’t feel a car will run into me for no good reason.
  • No matter what the weather is… it’s more tolerable to run or drive in it as long as the sun is out.
  • So, on the flip side, the conditions always seem worse when it’s dark.
  • Whether I’m driving or running, if my ears are cold… I’m miserable.
  • There are few people out on the roads during a snow storm, but the ones that are, are idiots.
  • Over and over again, the city ignores certain streets with their plows and over and over again, certain people ignore their sidewalks with their shovels (bastards).
  • You soon find and learn all desirable “routes” to your final destination whether it is via car or foot.  Sometimes this isn’t always the shortest route or the most entertaining route, but instead it is usually the safest.
  • It takes more concentration when transversing over ice and snow and it might even require you to turn down the music.
  • You take warm weather driving and running for granted and eagerly await the day you can run in shorts and/or drive with the window rolled down.
  • The weather channel and become my new best friends.  I don’t even realize the two exist when I don’t have to worry about ice or sub zero wind chills.
  • And most of all winter running is like winter driving because if you live in Wisconsin, it’s a part of life.  We need to leather up, strap on some chains to our tires or shoes (seriously love my yaktraks) and just do it (to steal a phrase from Nike).

With that said, it’s -6 air temp, with a wind chill of -25.  I need to layer up and do a four miler while the sun is out.

Gotta run…


Here’s a link to a video from WBAY about the training run and running in cold weather.  If you look closely you’ll see about 5 people you should know.) Brave the Cold


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