Answer to my prayers?

This could very well be the best invention since remote controls and beer bongs!  Check it out.   I have been having fairly good luck with my bathroom issues (quick, all superstitious people… please throw something over your shoulder, spit on something, knock on wood and grab a rabbit by its foot) so far during my training.  So much so that I even hate to bring it up in this post.  I feel like I may have jinxed myself.  (Yes, I’m still spitting and tossing things over my shoulders… where the hell is a rabbit when I need one?!)  BUT, if my issues come back, I swear I’m going to get this.  If nothing else… just for the story!



4 responses to “Answer to my prayers?

  1. Actually we haven’t discussed that. BUT we did discuss how I too can capitalize on this venture. I’m going to create, market and sell a privacy curtain that goes with it. It’s going to someone have material and a hula hoop that you put over your shoulders with straps… sandwich board style! Not the most convenient thing to go on a run with. But again… totally worth it.

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