Things that amuse me…

…Otherwise known as “things that annoy my husband, which in turn amuses me”.  I have to say that I didn’t set out to annoy him, it’s just a side benefit.  In no particular order, here are a few things that amuse me and annoy the husband a tad.

  • Running outside and in the dark makes it dangerous at times.  As I am always the front runner, I started calling out “ice” whenever we are about to run on ice.  To make sure I know that my hubby heard me, he usually repeats back “ice”.  Well, that give us two… ice, ices in a row.  So anyone who was around in the 90s and has ever heard of Vanilla Ice knows the next phrase would be baby.  So, I started to sing Ice, Ice Baby when we run over ice.  And yes, I do this out loud.  So if you were within ear shot, feel free to chime in.  And yes, this amuses me.
  • Since this did not amuse my husband and instead started to annoy him (not sure if it was annoyance or embarrassment, the ruling is still out on this one), I said that I wouldn’t do it any more (I had my fingers crossed), so instead I started to sing don, don, don, don, don, don don.  (To get the full affect, please sign that in the same rhythm as the musical score at the beginning of Ice Ice Baby.)  This really amused me!!  Brian, not so much.
  • As I mentioned above, I call out certain things to watch out for.  I yell out “ice”, “car”, etc.  I also started to warn if the corners going away from the curbs are icy or if there’s slush or puddles.  I just call out a bunch of random stuff.  But because it gets boring just yelling “ice” or “car”… I needed to come up with fun little sayings.  I now say “off ramp” or “on ramp” and that means to watch for hazardous conditions leaving the curb (off ramp) or coming to the next corner “on ramp”.  I started saying “7-11” when we’re running on slush.  Get it… slushies… 7-11 convenience stores?!  Brian wasn’t amused… I was!  I also started calling out “Buck” when ever we came to a puddle.  Bonus points to anyone who can figure that one out!  Again, all of this amuses me greatly.  Hubby… not so much.
  • Speaking of things that I call out while on a run, I have been known to call out “steak” or “laundry” or any of a variety of other smells that I’ve come across while running past our neighbors or area restaurants.
  • We run through a lot of intersections and some of them are quite busy such as the intersections of Lombardi and Ridge and/or Lombardi and Oneida.  And the time that we are running is usually during rush hour or near it.   So, there are always a lot of cars at the intersection.  And we have to run through 5 lanes (including a turn lane).  So, I at this time have quite the audience.  And normally I would say that nobody would pay attention to runners, but in winter and in these conditions, cars always notice us at these intersections because they think we are nuts.  So with such a large audience it is important that I “run to impress”.  I purposefully lengthen my stride, hold my shoulders back a bit prouder and pick up the pace quite a bit.  This amuses me.  I’ve been doing this for a month now and Brian couldn’t even tell until tonight when I specifically told him and made him watch.  Once, I pointed it out to him… I think he could see my gazelle like gait as I crossed the lanes.  This too amuses me.
  • As I mentioned above, I watch for ice and call it out for our protection.  I run with a flashlight so I can watch my footing and I basically run with my head down at all times, again so I can watch my footing.  And I call it out loud so we are all aware of the hazard.  However, if I actually don’t change my running stride or, in general, do anything different when I run over the ice, is this really being safe?  I really need to count the ratio of my “ice” calls promptly followed by Brian calling out “careful” as I slip, slide, lose footing, yelp or curse because of the ice.  I’m guessing it’s easily 50/50.  This doesn’t so much amuse me as it amazes me!
  • To be honest, the “ice” calls have a secondary benefit to just calling out the hazard we are about to run on.  It also helps call attention to homes that have ice on their property.  There have been a number of times we’ve run past a house with ice on their sidewalks and we do the “ice”, “ice” (no baby in this instance) calls and I glance out of the corner of my eye and there is a garage door open or activity in the yard.  I can only hope they heard me and in some way feel badly about the conditions of their walks.  I’m sure they don’t care.  But the thought that I could possibly make them feel bad for even a split second amuses me!

We’ve got one month of training in already. Yay!  And so far, so good.  It’s gone pretty good and I think a lot of that has to do with being able to find something to enjoy or finding a way to amuse myself while running.  We’ve run over 20 days in sub zero temps and in conditions that the weather men warn is too dangerous for humans!  So, if I have to sing, call or slip/slide my way through the runs to make it through and to get myself out of the door each night… I guess that is what I’ll do to keep my self on track.

Until next time…. gotta run!


6 responses to “Things that amuse me…

  1. Well, one of my many readers (okay, one of my 5 readers) has already inquired about the origin of Buck. It comes from many, many drunken excursions with a co-worker of my husband’s and his name happens to be Buck. Every single time we went out, he would get so, so drunk and so quickly too. He turned into a “puddle” in no time. So, his nickname became Puddles!

    So, there you have it. It is not a reference to the movie Uncle Buck and is no way affiliated with hunting deer.

    Hope you enjoyed the story behind the story!

    P.S. Can you believe I have 5 readers?! Today 5 readers, tomorrow the world!

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