Most used 4-letter word in my vocabulary

I have to say there is one 4-letter word that I use most often when training for a marathon.  Sometimes it feels so good to say it and other times it means that something isn’t going right.  I don’t know if all marathoners use it as much as I do… but man oh man, I use it ALL OF THE TIME.

My most often used 4-letter word is… “ONLY”.  (You potty mouth readers thought it was something different, didn’t you?)

I realized just the other day how often I (and others) use the word Only and the different feelings there are for it.  Here’s a few examples:

Good use of the word Only:

  • I Only have to do 4 miles tonight. (Feeling… relief)
  • We Only have one more 20+ miler to do. (Feeling… relief)
  • It’s Only 5 degrees, it could be much worse. (Feeling… relief)
  • The wind is Only supposed to be 15mph tomorrow. (Feeling… relief)
  • There’s Only 6 weeks left.  (Feeling… relief)

Bad use of the word Only:

  • “You Only have to run 9 miles tonight?  You just did 20, what’s the big deal? {Said by others} (Feeling… Annoyance, anger and rage)
  • There’s Only 4 miles left {had already just completed 16}, you can do it.  {Internal thought in my head} (Feeling… full blown fatigue, annoyance, anger and rage)
  • Don’t worry about the full run.  You Only have to get to the next mile marker.  {Internal thought in my head} (Feeling… fatigue, sometimes pain, annoyance, anger and rage)
  • “You Only run 5 days a week, I thought it would have been more?”  {Said by others} (Feeling… bitch, I’ll cut you!)
  • If I could Only go faster.  (Feeling… disappointment, fatigue, annoyance, anger and rage)
  • I Only did XX number of miles last week… I’m not ready to jump to the next level.  (Feeling… scared, anxiety, annoyance, anger and rage)
  • It’s Only 50 degrees and I’m already dying of heat exhaustion, how the hell am I going to run in 70 temps in San Diego?  {Said out loud and often on a run this week} (Feeling… nausea, anxiety, fatigue, annoyance, anger and rage.  Also mix in the fact that I wanted to sit right down on the trail and start crying.)
  • I’ve Only been running for 5 years.  (Feeling… newbie-Esq, not-worthy, annoyance, anger and rage.  Okay, I’m not really feeling rage at this time, but why ruin the pattern I’ve got going on?)
  • There’s Only 300 porta potties at the start line for 30,000 runners?  (Feeling… like I may pee myself, annoyance, anger and rage.)
  • I Only have achy/old and sore knees and they Only hurt going down stairs, going up stairs or walking after a long run.  At least it’s not an injury.  (Feeling… WTF… that’s the bright side in all of this?… “at least it’s not an injury”?, annoyance, anger and rage)
  • I Only lost one toenail and Only have 2 toes w/ major blisters.  (Feeling… I should have waited to get my tatt on my foot until AFTER the marathon as not to call anymore undue attention to my feet right now.  Annoyance, anger and rage.)
  • The longest inseam for a good pair of running shorts is Only 4 inches?? (Feeling… seriously Nike, would it kill you to sew a goddamn pair of running shorts with a bit more coverage?  We’re not all 100 lbs and 6 feet tall.  A LOT OF US DON’T LOOK GOOD IN SHORTS W/ A 4 INCH INSEAM.  But I’m going to wear them any way… to teach you a lesson.  I hope you see my chubby, cellulite ridden thighs rubbing together and think twice about your inseam choices next time.)

These are the ONLY ones I can think of right now.  But I’m sure you get my point.  I both love and hate the word ONLY.  The most overused word in my vocabulary right now!

Until next time.. gotta run.


Since the posting of this blog, someone said something to me that I must add to this post.  And I will say upfront that this conversation did not happen between me and any of my readers.  However, some of my readers are Half Marathoners and it might serve as a little heads up for them.  I’m apparently a bit sensitive when it comes to this one.

Bad use of the word Only:

  • “How far are you running tonight?”, asked by a Half Marathoner.  My reply, “4 miles.” Half Marathoner’s reply…. Only 4 miles, I’m running 7!  Why am I running more than you?”  (Feeling… annoyance, anger and rage.  And the strong desire to bitch slap someone.  As well as the need to shout from the top of my lungs… “I’ve just run 37 miles in the past 4 days AND my lowly four miles tonight are hills.  I’m tired and cranky… so don’t mess w/ me.  If you want, feel free to skip your 7 miles and run 4 with me.  But you better be prepared to lace up your shoes and do 16 with me on Saturday too!)

One response to “Most used 4-letter word in my vocabulary

  1. Totally agree with the “short shorts”… you can even see my jiggle in pants … I dont need my ass hanging out across GB… no one needs to see that… even my blind dog runs when I come out in shorts 😉

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