Is it over yet?

It’s 18 days until the marathon.  Two years ago when I was 18 days out, I’m pretty sure I was holding back a bit of vomit because I was so nervous.  I’m still nervous, but for different reasons.  The whole thing this time is so, so different.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.  Or just different.

Everyone else, at this moment, is gearing up for the Cellcom race and are prepping for the big day on Sunday.  I’m unfortunately not really able to get the same excitement because I have 2 weeks to go after Cellcom is done.  While Cellcom will be fun to run w/ friends, it really is just another training run for me.  Granted this training run will be w/ thousands of other people and maybe a dozen spectators… but it’s still a training run.  That makes it a bit weird.  And after the race when everyone else gets to revel in their accomplishments, I won’t have that post-race high.  I still have 2 more weeks of training to get through.

Speaking of training…  Boy, oh boy, do I need to be done w/ training.  I think I have less motivation to lace up my shoes than I did when it was 30 degrees below zero.  I’m seriously getting burnt out.  I have to negotiate w/ myself to get out the door and do a simple 6 mile run.  You’d think the nice weather would help. It doesn’t!  Nothing does.  The only thing that will help is when I actually can stop running!  June 1st will be such a glorious and non-running filled day.  I can’t wait.  And I get to enjoy the non-running euphoria for about a week.  And then I need to get back on the wagon and make sure I stay in shape for my end of the summer events.  Boy, I can’t wait!  I can’t wait for more fatigue and aches and pains.  Bring it!

Speaking of aches and pains… One of the reasons I’m ready to be done running is because basically everything hurts.  A short Sunday run of 4 miles has me hobbling around the house for at least a day.  My calves hurt, my hip flexors hurt, my knees really hurt and in general I’m not in good shape.  A large part of this is bad, bad planning on my part due to my lack of simple math skills.  I have found out that my knees respond very UNFAVORABLY to shoes after the 300 mile mark.  This in on the early end of when you have to replace shoes, yet my body can tell when I hit the 300 mile mark.  Well, I got new shoes in February and I was assuming that would carry me through until the marathon was over and I’d get a new pair after the race.   Well, at the point where I got new shoes, I had logged approximately 100 miles of my total marathon training.  And knowing that marathon training is about 500 miles… I don’t know how I thought one pair of shoes would get me through.  And not until this past Sunday, when I was icing my knees and adding up my mileage did I finally put 2 and 2 together.  As of last night I am at 500 miles even.  That means these shoes are 100 miles past there prime and I ache for every mile that I went beyond my 300.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

And speaking of stupid.  How can the Rock and Roll marathon franchise of marathons, a very well known and respected marathon series NOT have text/email runner tracking services?  How stupid are they?  If little Green Bay can figure it out… so can you San Diego.  I mean, how in the world is my support crew going to rock the route properly without knowing where the hell I am?

Speaking of Rocking the Route… I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to have peeps in San Diego to rock the route.  I’m seriously so excited.  I just really hope we can spot each other.  Otherwise it will be a bit disappointing.  I’ve been told I can’t necessarily rely on the support crew to help “get me through”, but I think that’s a cop out from my support team.  Damnit, I need you.  Step up.  There’s only so much I can distract myself from the god-forsaken heat that may or may not cause an asthma attack… I need a fricken cowbell from a familiar face!

Speaking of familiar faces… I’ve never run a marathon out of my home town before (you know… that one whole marathon I’ve run before this, happened to literally run around my house).  I know a lot of people do and I have friends who’ve traveled for marathons.  But to me, it’s really weird.  I can’t imagine running and possibly not seeing a single person I know.  I won’t know the streets, I won’t know the faces, I won’t know the landmarks.  This is really, really weird for me.  And the obsessive, need-to-be-in-control person (shut up family members and husband… not a word) really isn’t looking forward to this.  This is actually causing me a bit of anxiety!  I might have to have my marathon partner (aka husband, but I thought it sounded less demanding when I could pretend I was making some random running partner do this) carry a cellphone (who needs Gu?  Just use your pockets for a phone instead of gel.) so we can text our crew our whereabouts!  I think it’s not too outrageous of an idea.

Speaking of ideas… anyone have any good ideas or suggestions on how I should celebrate after this race?  Anything special in San Diego that we need to do?  I was thinking of getting a pedicure, but I’m not sure if I want to spend the money on the judgement I’m sure will be passed regarding the poor quality of my feet from the technician.  Plus, do I really want to spend good money on a pedi when they really can’t paint my toenails because between both feet, I’ve maybe got, 6 nails?  Maybe a massage. When the hubby goes golfing… maybe I’ll get a massage.  That could be nice.

Speaking of nice… this Sunday will be nice.  I’m really looking forward to a race where I’m not stressed out and where I can enjoy the experience for my friends and their accomplishments.  Here’s a big shout out to all of my friends (you know who you are) who are running on Sunday.  To those that are seasoned veterans, that have run more marathons than me, to those just starting out and are trying this for the first time.  I’ll see you at the finish line.  Correction… I’ll see you at the beer tent!

Until then… gotta run.


2 responses to “Is it over yet?

  1. You will see us in SD… no worries we will find you!

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