Trying for #3.

It’s January and it’s time to start marathon training.  Training for marathon #3.  Who in the world would have EVER thought I would have 2 marathons under my belt and am going for #3?  I know I sure didn’t.  I think this year will be a bit weird because a lot of the things that kept me going in the past won’t pertain this time around.  It’s not my “first” and it’s not a destination marathon (sorry, but I don’t consider Champaign, IL a destination) like #1 and #2 were.

However, what I do have that’s consistent is a personal motivator.  Marathon #1 I ran in memory of my mom.  Marathon #2 I ran in honor of my dad because I told myself I’d rather run a marathon in his honor while he’s still alive than run it in his memory.  Well, here we are marathon #3 and I’m running it honor of both my mom and dad.  I would give ANYTHING to not have this as my motivation.  But since I do, I guess I might as well use it to the best of my ability.  To think of all that has changed in my life since I first started running 8 years ago.

  • 8 years ago I couldn’t run the full 2-minute commercial break on my treadmill in my bedroom without stopping and now I’m training for marathon # 3.
  • 8 years ago I lived in a tiny calf-shit yellow duplex and now I’m on house #2.
  • 8 years ago I had a “home base” back home and now it is gone.
  • 8 years ago my breakfast of choice was Mountain Dew and Doritos and now it’s sugar free oatmeal.
  • 8 years ago I was at a semi-crappy job and based on my past history was about to leave it and now I’ve been at the same company for 7 years and have received 2 promotions since being here.
  • 8 years ago I couldn’t have thought of anything worse than living w/ a dog and now Miles is part of the family (anyone brings this back up and I’ll deny it!)
  • 8 years ago I enjoyed beer more than the average person.  Okay, I guess this one has remained the same after 8 years.  Thank god!
  • 8 years ago both my mom and dad were still with us and now they are not. This one is the hardest to handle.

But life isn’t always going to be easy and it’s how you handle the ups and downs that really matter.  Training is never easy-peasy the whole way through either.  And again, I guess it’s how I handle it that matters.  Right now I’m not handling either very well, but tomorrow is another day and another mile!

One step at a time…


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