Wasting time at work

Nothing really relevant to say about running, I’m merely wasting time because I get to go home in 19 minutes and I don’t want to start anything new. It’s been an incredibly busy day and I am mentally done!

First long training run of the season is tomorrow and it’s only 5 miles. I’m actually a bit disappointed that it’s only 5 miles because I actually have more endurance in me than that and doing 5 miles will be a step back. It’s pretty fricken amazing that physically and mentally I’m bummed by this, what I am now calling, “low mileage” long run. I remember two years ago I had to train for my training. I wasn’t in a position to crank out 5 miles, then 6, then 7 and so on. But now, I want more because I don’t want to step back. I wonder what this means for the rest of my training. When I’m at 13-14 miles will I still be relaxed and able to crank it out with little problem? And then what about miles 16, 18 and 20? I’m really curious to see how this year goes. I’ve been doing a lot of strength training over the past 2-3 months and am better shape as far as my overall strength goes than I think I ever have been. Has this helped? I’m sure it couldn’t hurt.

So, I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow’s run because it’s the start of the group runs and it’s the first time the distance didn’t make me sweat just thinking about it. Maybe this is a sign of how training will go for me this year. I hope so.

Until next time… remember, one step at a time!


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