Kickin’ some winter bootie

Okay, I’m sure the minute I put this in writing I’m probably jinxing myself and will get a lightening bolt up my ass in some freak mid-winter thunderstorm… but I’ll just knock on wood and spit on something and I should be fine!

But I think I’m doing okay so far training in this weather. The winter, so far, (quick throw the Morton’s Salt girl over your shoulder for good luck) hasn’t been too horrible. We currently are above average with our snowfall and yet it hasn’t bothered me too much (key word is too much – okay I guess that’s actually 2 words, sorry). In fact I made Snowstorm Bella my bitch! In all honesty, it really shouldn’t have been labeled a snow storm because we only got 3 inches of snow. But dammit, if they name and I run in it without problem… I OWN IT! And I own Snowstorm Bella. The temperatures also haven’t gotten to me either. It hasn’t been too cold for any of my runs (-13 wind chill isn’t bad at all) so I can honestly say I’ve been lucky. Granted it’s only January 25th and we have about 5 more months of winter left, but I’m just saying. So far so good. And normally I don’t find the silver lining in things and aren’t able to enjoy the little things in life. But this I’m able to enjoy!

Until next time… it’s one wintry step at a time!!


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