What happens to the other sock?

You know how it is, you have that one lone sock in your drawer and you just can not find its partner. Where in the world did it go? How could it not have showed up by now? Socks don’t just disappear you, you think to yourself. Well, over the past week, I’ve been privy to the answer to this popular question and unfortunately for me, it’s not necessarily been an answer I’ve needed to find out. The “elusive sock” leaves the house, skips town and otherwise skeddadles into the great beyond via running clothes. There you have it folks, one of the major questions (right up there with “who shot Kennedy”) answered. Now I’m sure you can live a long and fulfilled life.

If you are interested in how I found this out, keep reading. If you’re happy just knowing the answer and not how I came upon this knowledge, then close out this window now and go back to eonline.com to find the real news!

It started last Saturday when we were on our way to our long, group training run. I was sitting in the truck when I looked down and saw something “odd” kinda sitting on me. After a closer inspection I found it was a black dress sock. WTF, I said. Not sure why it’s “on” me but I’m glad I noticed it before I got with all of the other runners because that would have been embarrassing. I forgot all about the fact that a sock tried to skip town on my person last week until it happened again last night. I went for a run around our house and as usual I stopped back home after my mile warm up for my pit stop. Because it was warm yesterday I had capri pants on. And as I got to the bathroom I saw something long and black hanging out of the left leg of my pants (really embarrassing because there was probably 6-7 inches hanging out of my pant leg). And sure enough it was another sock. But this time it almost got away. If I hadn’t stopped at home for a pit stop, it surely would have worked itself all the way out of my pant leg and in another half mile or so would have been left to make a life for itself on the trail near our house. Can you imagine what people would have thought if that happened? I would have loved to have been around for the discussions that would surely have taken place… “how does a black dress sock get out on a trail?” “Who’s sock is this and why did they leave it here?” And the best part would have been when or if I would have stumbled upon it in another day or two. I would have been baffled by the fact that a lone black sock, that looks like a pair I own, is out on the trail. But it couldn’t possibly be my sock, how would it get out here?

So, if you’re missing a sock and are hanging on to the other one in the hopes you find its mate. I’m telling you know to throw away the single sock. The other one is long gone having made a break for it long ago and is now frolicking in mother nature on some nice sidewalk or trail somewhere!

Until next time… gotta run.


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