I apologize

Dear Mother Nature,
I know that earlier I was bragging about beating the winter weather during this training season and how I was able to make the weather my bitch. I now realize I spoke out of turn and should never question your ability to kick our ass when ever you feel like it. You are much wiser and stronger than I, and I admit defeat. Please accept my humble and heartfelt apology.

I winter runner who would very much like spring to come earlier rather than later.

“As of 6 a.m. Monday, a total of 11.4 inches fell on the Green Bay area since noon Sunday, said Scott Cultice, meterologist for the National Weather Service in Ashwaubenon.”

“Forecast: Today: Snow and freezing rain likely, becoming all snow after noon. Areas of blowing snow before noon. Cloudy with a high near 24. Northeast wind between 18 and 24 mpg, with gusts as high as 36 mph.”


One response to “I apologize

  1. Seriously, I call “Uncle”! I’ve already apologized, what more do you want me to do? Should I sacrifice a pair of running shoes to the Mother Nature God?
    “Between noon Sunday and noon Monday, the area received 12.8 inches of snow. As much as 15 inches of snow is possible by the time the storm ends. The total snowfall so far this season is 53.8 inches. That’s more than last year’s total of 36.7 inches at this time, and more than the average of 38.4 inches.”

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