Don’t bogart the masseuse

As I was running this afternoon I was evaluating my aches and pains in my legs. Then I thought to myself that I should really get a massage so I can ward off the aches and hopefully work out some kinks in my lower half. Then I quickly remembered that I JUST had a massage on Sunday and it did my legs no good what-so-ever as was evident by how I felt. That’s because my shoulders totally stole the attention of the masseuse.

I’ve been under more than my fair share of stress lately at work, constant 10-12 hour days will do that to a person. And not only am I busy but I’m a tad crazed now too. Long hours and a crazed emotional state was the cause of a debilitating knot that formed in my shoulder/neck. On Saturday and Sunday I was walking around like I was in a car accident and had whiplash. I couldn’t move my neck and instead had to turn my entire body whenever I wanted to look to the side.

So, while I had set up the massage appointment to give my legs some much-needed TLC, they got very little attention. The majority of the session was spent with the massage therapist using her pointy little finger to zero in on the exact knot that she said “kept getting away”. Every time she found the knot, I felt it and I flinched. I’m guessing this made the knot go into hiding again. So the hour massage that was supposed to be a treat for my legs turned into a hide and seek game with the knots in my shoulders instead.

So, what’s the moral to my story? I guess I don’t have one. But I do have a few words for any body part of mine that doesn’t 100% have to do with me propelling my body forward for 26.2 miles… “dude, don’t bogart the masseuse!”

Gotta run.


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