Eyes up people, don’t look down!

We are 3 short days away from the official start of spring.  And I am in full-blown spring mode because I’ve had spring fever for a few weeks now.  And with the temperature in town hitting 50 degrees yesterday, the first 50 degree day in 16 weeks… I am ready for spring.  Bring it on.

I am ready for flip-flops and strappy sandals weather.  If it was socially acceptable, I’d walk everywhere barefoot.  But Brittney Spears in her barefoot hay-day when she was crazy, ruined it for the rest of us.  Now people frown on regular, non-crazy members of society walking into public places barefoot.  But I totally would.  My feet need to be free!

And since flip-flop weather is right around the corner, this is usually when every female between the ages of 15 and 55 forward emails and jokes about getting a pedicure prior to the unleashing of the bare feet.  And I agree with those emails.  In theory.

Let me explain.

First I need to come clean about the size of my feet.  They are damn near as wide as they are long.  My dress and/or casual shoe size is around a 6.  I say around because depending on the shoe, I’m currently wearing anything from a size 5 to a 6.5.  But my feet are WIDE.  My feet have been known to resemble that of Fred Flintstone’s feet.  And considering he used his feet to stop his car, that’s not a good thing.

So, we’ve established my feet are wide and short.  Now let’s spend a second on my toes. They are tiny.  And chubby.  BUT, I have to say that out of all of my feet “issues”, at least I don’t have the dreaded 2nd toe that is longer than my big toe.  My toes go down in size in descending order, which is good.  So while my toes don’t lend themselves to stares from strangers, I can’t say the same for my toenails.  Or should I say lack of toenails.

Yes, it’s true, I lack full size nails.  My nails are approximately millimeters in length.  If I’d paint my toenails, I literally end up painting more of my own skin than I do nails.  The thinnest part of the nail brush is WAY to thick for the biggest part of my nail.

So all of this is just my standard feet on any given day.  Short, wide and lacking proper nails.  But now add in the running factor and my feet have succumbed to a whole new level of despair.

I blister.  And I blister a lot when I run.  The arch on my left foot blisters over and over again.  So not only do I have blisters that can range from the size of a quarter to a half-dollar, but I usually have blisters within other blisters in that area.  And then when they pop, there are many layers of skin that need to be exfoliated.  But it’s not that easy to get rid of layers of dead skin.  It just does not want to go away.  Many a pumice stone has failed miserably no matter how hard I try to scrub.

Then there are the blisters that form on the tips of my toes.  During marathon training I also tend to have my 2nd toe nail on my left foot turn black and blue and fall off.  Yes, a toenail that is barely visible to the naked eye can still bruise and fall off.  And it’s just something I have to deal with.  It must be the way I run.  It’s not the shoes.  I am currently wearing a 7.5, which is a full size larger than the shoe size I wear during my normal life.  So I have plenty of room in my shoes, but yet, I blister, bruise and lose nails.  Just this morning I discovered that one of my little piggies has officially turned black and blue.  I think I’m ahead of the curve on this one and can expect to lose it sooner rather than later.

So, now that I’ve properly painted a picture of my feet… and I do apologize for the really pretty picture that I painted but this is where my dilemma comes in.  How does one get a pedicure when my feet have absolutely no chance of staying pretty until the marathon is over?  I could spend good money to have some lady paint the skin around where my nails should be, but how long will that last?  And when the next blister forms, then I just pissed away good money to have my feet look like they were never even touched by a professional.  So while I agree and think pedicures are great and I’d love to splurge on one, two or more.  It’s just not worth it.

So, the next time you send out an email about the fact that everyone needs a pedicure before they break out the flip-flops, realize I just can’t.  I wish I could.  And I know that I’m being judged by all of you pretty polished women out there.  So go ahead, flaunt your nails… pedicures be damned…. I’m still wearing flip-flops, I just encourage you all to divert your eyes!


Until next time… gotta run


One response to “Eyes up people, don’t look down!

  1. “If it was socially acceptable, I’d walk everywhere barefoot.”
    If you were around in the late 1960s and early 1970s, you would have seen young people, especially young women, going barefoot everywhere, stores, malls, urban areas like New York City, pretty much anywhere your generation wears flip flops, a sizable percentage would just go barefoot. The ‘old people’ of the time sure hated it, but rebellious youth had strength in numbers, and lots of them were doing it.

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