Real Housewives and a beer – now that’s living.

Two things have led me to this post.  One, is the fact that I’m running the Dick Lytie tomorrow and am totally worried and obsessed about it.  As I previously posted, I’m a bit worried that I’ll finish dead last in the Lytie.  Now the closer we get to the race, I just hope I don’t die after the 3rd hill and perhaps, I shouldn’t worry about finishing last, maybe I need to simply concentrate on finishing!  The second reason I’m writing this post is that an a-hole semi driver (gas tanker, nonetheless) decided he’d much rather be in my lane than his own on my commute to work this morning.  And as I was giving him the “wtf, dude” gesture, I was thinking… ‘man you could have killed me.”  Those two thoughts of death have led to this post.

For the record, if I am ever to die while running, in no way should anyone say, “well, at least she went doing something she loved”.  You hear that a lot about people who have a heart attack while golfing, skiers who got lost in an avalanche or about athletes who pass away while playing their sport, etc.  But this would not be the case for me.  Actually if I died while running, I’d be pretty pissed.  I’m not doing all of this work to die young, that’s for sure.

That’s one of the reasons I light myself up like a fricken Christmas tree when I run in winter and in the dark. I DO NOT want any motor vehicle to hit me and say they didn’t see me.  I’m telling you all right now, that if I car ever hits me and kills me, you need to sue their ass.  I’m so lit up, you could land a small airplane by my reflective lighting.  If someone says they couldn’t see me, THEY ARE LYING!

And if, heaven forbid, I’d have a heart attack while running, I think I’d be even more pissed than if I got hit by a car.  I’m running my ass off to PREVENT a heart attack, not induce one.  But sometimes no matter how healthy a person is or how much they exercise, you hear of those rare cases where they still have heart issues and it usually  happens while running.  The reason this happens to these poor individuals… just to prove the universe is messed up and that irony is a bitch.  Plus if this didn’t happen once in a while it wouldn’t give lazy people a reason to keep eating deep-fried EVERYTHING.  It gives all of those people who never work out an excuse to not get off of the couch.  They hang on to the ONE story they’ve heard about someone who died of a heart attack while running a marathon.  So in their minds, it’s just as dangerous to exercise as NOT exercising at all and eating bacon 3 meals a day.

So why talk about death so early in the morning?  Actually I’m not concentrating on the death part… but thinking more about the living part!  This post was not meant to be morbid or a downer.  It’s really just a post about the facts.  And the fact is that if I’m going to die doing something I enjoy… it will be sitting on the couch with a beer watching the Real Housewives.  It WILL NOT be while working out or running.

Until next time… gotta run.


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