What’s next?

The marathon is in 16 days.  I’m getting pretty excited for it.  At the beginning of training I was worried that, this being my 3rd marathon, I wouldn’t have any motivation or anything to run for and I would dread the whole thing. Well, I definitely have motivation to run this race (see “Trying for #3, January 5th).  But I’m hoping I won’t have to pull out the ol’ “think about who you’re running this marathon for” card to get me across the finish line. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get to the end on my own.  I’ve had a pretty good training and I’m feeling pretty good right now (or at least as good as I can feel with bad knees).  And I think I have just the right amount of excitement mixed with nerves, coupled with a dash of experience and I’m relying on that mix to make this the best marathon to date.

But what happens in 17 days, on May 1st?  Once the marathon is over with, what’s next?  Someone asked me that last week and I didn’t have an answer.  I’m not sure what’s next.  But I realized I definitely need to find something else to concentrate on and train for.  And I want something different, something that will be a challenge.  Marathon – check.  Urban stair climb – check.  Urbanathlon/adventure race – check.  A race w/ hills – check.

I’m not a swimmer so triathlons aren’t even anything I’d consider.  And no, that wouldn’t make for a great challenge for me.  Considering I’m pretty sure that water will some day be the death of me, I don’t think I should tempt fate or the gods and do races/events that are water based!  No use giving me any more opportunities to meet an untimely passing.  Besides, my hair won’t fit in a swim cap and my thighs won’t fit in a wetsuit.  Two looks I’m not comfortable sporting in public even if I could fit into them.  And a bike event doesn’t really get me jazzed either.  I have a tendency to ride my bike like an old lady with a basket full of flowers on the front.  I just don’t get into biking for real exercise.  I enjoy looking around on a bike too much and I really-really enjoy coasting.  Two things that make it hard to get a good workout in on a bike.  Plus, I’m pretty sure that a car will hit me while I’m riding my bike.  It’s really just a matter of time.  I have a tendency to not bike in the straightest of lines plus biking in a city allows the cars to come right up on you.  It’s scary having something that size barreling down on me at 45-55 mph.  (I see a pattern forming.  I have rational (NO, they are not irrational) fears about getting hurt or killed by certain forms of exercise.  And I choose not to partake in those forms of races.  Very logical of me, I think!).  So what else can I do?  I need to find something soon or I will just get cranky AND fat!

And no I’m not overlooking the marathon and worrying only about what comes next.  I’m not the Packers.  I’m not overlooking Detroit to concentrate on the upcoming Bears game.  No, I am giving the marathon its proper importance and respect, I’m just trying to figure out what to do once the marathon high wears off.  And it will.  A lot of people who do training for such an event go into a mini depression when the race is over.  They don’t know what to do with their time or extra energy.  I personally would have no problem channeling that extra time and energy into sitting on the deck drinking Skinny Girl margaritas and eating chips.  However the only thing slower than my marathon race pace is my metabolism.  So doing nothing but eating and drinking isn’t good for me, a person who is slowly creeping up a milestone birthday.

This milestone birthday is another reason I have to find something to do.  I’m dangerously close to slipping into a mid-life crisis. So my alternatives are quitting my job, buying a sports car and getting a cabana boy to feed me grapes all day while I watch reruns of Housewives  (not sure my husband will like that one – for multiple reasons) or finding some other challenge. So what are your thoughts?  Is there a super new race out there that I don’t know about that would be just the thing to keep me motivated?  Or do I need to go car shopping instead?

Any ideas?

Until next time… gotta run.


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