I haven’t had this many firsts since prom night.

What should have been a simple 6-mile run turned into a shortened 3 mile run full of firsts.

  • First time running in a snowstorm in APRIL.  April, people April!  You did not read that wrong.  But running in a snowstorm in April is definitely wrong.
  • First time running in a THUNDERSNOW in April.  Yep, the treat that is Snowstorm Gabe, was made extra special by the fact that there was thunder and lightning involved.
  • First time I had to pull out a childhood “lie” on my husband, who absolutely did not want to run in the thunder and lightning snow storm we were having.  Just as we were leaving the house and just after I convinced him it really wasn’t a thunderstorm, I heard a big crack of thunder.  I looked at him and said, “it’s just the angels bowling”.  And then in less than a mile when the lightning flashed at us, and my husband gave me the stink eye and I said “now the angels are turning the lights off and on”.  My mom used to use those 2 little sayings on me when I was little.  I have no idea how old I was at the time.  I guess I was old enough to remember being told these “stories” and yet young enough to actually believe them!
  • First time I’m 11 days away from running my SPRING marathon, a day that may be 60-70 degrees, and I’m digging my winter running gloves out of their hiding spot and wondering if I need to put tracks on my shoes.
  • First time I was truly PISSED OFF at the weather.  I wasn’t upset, depressed, “over it” or tired of the weather.  I was down right mad at it.  If it was a person, I could have seriously hurt someone, I could have cut a bitch!
  • Speaking of violence, today is also the first time I’ve wished death upon Puxatony Phil.  Early Spring my ass.  The next groundhog that crosses the path of my car… watch out.  I can not be held accountable for the fact that my car may speed up and try to squish you with my little Tracker.
  • And if you believe WLUK, we have now just surpassed ALL other snow totals in the past century.  This is just fucking ducky!  I’m so excited for this first.  Oh wait.  This isn’t a first.  I’ve already trained in winters that have reached record snowfalls.  This isn’t supposed to be happening AGAIN!

I don’t even know how to wrap this post up.  I’m just baffled at this weather and don’t have anything else to say.  Well, there you go… I don’t have anything else to say.  I guess that’s one more “first”!

Until later… gotta run (in snow!)


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