I’ll drink my beer from the bottle, thank you.

Well my friends, my 3rd marathon is almost here.  Less than 58 hours until the start.  I’m not sure if I will have time for another post, so this may be my last until after the race.  It’s been another crazy journey.  A lot has happened in my life over the past year and I can honestly say that running has really helped me deal with it.  The release and distraction training gave me the past few months was something I ended up needing more than I realized.  The scary part is to think about how psycho I’d be if I wasn’t running.  I’m sure this thought keeps my husband up at night and is the only reason he keeps agreeing to run with me!  Lord help us all if I couldn’t run!

I don’t know what the marathon holds on Saturday.  I’m not hoping for much.  Right now I’ll just be happy to finish and stay under my San Diego time.  This is really not asking a lot and I’ve definitely lowered my expectations as of late.  But again, I’ve never been a glass half full kind of gal.  I’m definitely more of a “glass half empty and hey, who the hell is gonna refill my glass when it’s empty” person.  But I’m trying to stay somewhat positive for the marathon.  I’m trying not to concentrate on the glass being half full or half empty, I’m just looking at it as a glass.

But then again, who needs a glass at all when beer comes in a nice cold bottle?

Until next time… wish me luck!

Gotta run!


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