My knees hurt. Yay!!

I’ve gone on 3 runs and I have to say, my knees hurt like hell.  And I couldn’t be more excited.  Since September, my right hip/IT has hurt so badly that I couldn’t even feel my chronic knee pain.  My knee pain was so secondary it didn’t even register on my richter scale of pain for the past few months.  But I took time off and now my knee pain is once again noticeble and is bad enough to make me waddle around a bit gimpy.  And I couldn’t be more thrilled.  This means, I hope – and knock on wood, that my hip pain is gone.  I have had a few twinges of hip pain but I’m hoping it’s all in my head.  I am hoping it’s on the mend and that all I have to deal with in 2012 are my knees.  I know how to handle that pain.  I can do that in my sleep (and I have).

So as crazy as this sounds… here’s hoping my knees continue to hurt.

Until next time,

Gotta run.


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