What’s new pussycat?

Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun.  Or should I say, wow, how time flies when I have nothing to bitch about.  I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I posted to this blog.  I don’t really know the reason for my infrequent posts.  Is it that I’m finally getting used to this whole running thing and I haven’t really been coming across anything new to write about?  Or is it that nothing has really pissed me off (I should clarify that I’m speaking of running only regarding not being pissed off) so I’m rather boring and have nothing to spew all over these pages unless I’m pissed off?  Interesting.

So, since I have nothing new in the world of running to bitch about.  And I definitely don’t have the weather to bitch about. I guess I’ll just post random thoughts.  Think of this as the “what’s new” portion of this training blog.

  • Worst name for a hair salon:  “Snarls”.  Seriously! I run past this salon and every time I run past it I say to myself “who the hell would name a salon that?”  Isn’t this like highlighting what you DON’T want in a hair salon?  I mean you wouldn’t name a fitness center “Cellulite” and you wouldn’t name a plumbing company “Clogged Drain”.  It’s just weird.
  • Strange new running habit I’ve developed:  Eating Ritz crackers while running.
  • Longest distance that I’ve been able to make 2 Ritz crackers last:  Just about a 1/2 mile
  • 3 demographic groups that are most likely to run me over with a car while I’m running:  1.  Teenagers on their cellphones  2.  Cranky, middle-aged people who apparently just don’t feel I should be on “their” roads 3.  Senior citizens.  But for some reason I don’t blame them for all of the near misses.  I’m pretty sure they aren’t trying to kill me.  I don’t think they even see me.  I’m pretty sure they think I’m some sort of moving mailbox.
  • Number of races in 2011 were I drank beer after the race at some sort of post-race celebration or just at home:  11
  • Number of races in 2011 where I drank beer DURING the race:  2
  • What I’m most looking forward to in 2012:  Training for a running a fall marathon.
  • What I’m most afraid of and dreading in 2012:  Training for a running a fall marathon.
  • Best movie I’ve watched during our Friday night/rest night/movie night this training season:  Ides of March.  (Is it bad that I still don’t know what the word Ides means or what the title in general stands for?  And the fact that I’m currently on the computer and thinking about it yet I still don’t feel the need to check dictionary.com to find out what it means.  If anyone knows, feel free to leave the definition in the comments portion of this post.)
  • News artists/songs I’ve added to my Ipod:  Some LMFAO, a few classic Beatles tunes, a couple of Adele’s hits and I’m not too proud to admit I’ve added a few songs sung by the cast of Glee.  Damn those kids can sing.

Speaking of Glee.  It’s on right now and it’s getting good.  So I should say good-bye for now and log off.

Until next time.

Gotta run,


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