Injury report

I’m a bit banged up this week.  The past couple of weeks, and more specifically this past weekend, took a toll on me and I’ve got some injuries that need attention.  I’m trying to take time off to heal and cut back on my running and cross train a few extra days.  But that’s no fun to talk about.  So instead… here’s what it would sound like if I were a football player (assuming they’d let girls play in the NFL!)
Name             Position                                        Injury      
MM                  BOTP (Back-of-the-pack)             hip/foot
Mon.       Tues.       Wed.       Thurs.       Fri.        Saturday/Game Day
DNP          LP              FP             LP                  –             Probable
Practice Status
  • DNP = Did not participate in practice
  • LP = Limited Participation in Practice – Less than 100% of a player’s normal repetitions
  • FP = Full Participation – 100% of a player’s normal repetitions
  • Out = Player will not play
  • (-) = Not Listed = No practice status available

Game Status

  • Out = Player will not play
  • Doubtful = 25% chance a player will play
  • Questionable = 50% chance a player will play
  • Probable = 75% chance a player will play
  • (-) = Not Listed – No game status available

Coach’s Monday Morning Press Conference:

“I’m not going to lie, she struggled out there a bit on Saturday.  The conditions weren’t good; she wasn’t prepared for the hill, the headwind was strong and the snow and ice made it impossible for her to get good footing.  But she was tough, she hung in there all four quarters… I mean all 16 miles.  Do we have things to work on for next week’s game, I mean run?  Yes.  But she was a bit beaten up so I’m going to hold her out of practice and let her rest.  We’ll review game film (aka: GPS/ran data) to see where she can improve so this won’t happen again.  The key is to keep her healthy.  But I have full confidence she’ll be ready to go by game time, I mean training run morning.”


One response to “Injury report

  1. Sounds like turf toe to me. You know what we say about turf toe? Shoot it up, walk it off, and get in the game!

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