Like Mother, like daughter?

After running the Eau Claire Marathon May 6th, I’ll be running the Cellcom Half marathon 2-weeks later.  I am also part of a relay team for the Cellcom marathon.  My portion of the relay team will be the first leg and once I hand off my relay “baton” (aka, timing chip) I’ll finish my half marathon as if I was never part of the team.  The other 4 members of the team have gotten together once a week for the past few weeks to train together.  They run approximately 3 or 4 miles at a time.  I am not able to join them because I’m sticking to my marathon training schedule and don’t want to derail those efforts simply to join them in a fun run.  However, I was going to join them after their run tonight for a few drinks.  But they canceled the run, and subsequently the happy hour too because 3 of the 4 had excuses why they couldn’t make tonight work.  I was quite amazed.  They run one day a week and they couldn’t even keep to the schedule.  As someone who’s been on a very regimented schedule for the past 5 months, actually the past 5 years, I don’t understand how they all came up with excuses so easily.  I run 5 days a week and cross train a sixth day, I don’t have the luxury of excuses.  I’ve trained through horrible weather, 60 hour work weeks for my day job, another few hours thrown in for my part-time job and then many more obligations.  And yet I found the time to get it all done.  How?

I guess I have my mom to thank.  I am very much my mother and jokingly, over the years, I haven’t been happy about it.  That’s because a lot of my characteristics that drive me crazy about myself, I can pinpoint as being characteristics of my mom’s.  Big thighs, an obsessive need for privacy, and the ability to worry about EVERYTHING is all inherited from my mom.  But I just realized I got her discipline too.  She did not run marathons but she raised 7 kids on a dairy farm in Wisconsin… that is its own form of a marathon.  My mom was completely organized.  There are shows on HGTV about organization that can’t hold a candle to how organized my mom was.  I never understood how she did it or how she had the time.  I also could never understand why I don’t have her same organization skills.  But I just realized I do… kinda.

To be as organized as my mom was, she had to have a great deal of discipline.  She couldn’t lax on taking baby pictures, even for the 7 child (which was me!) or writing, in detail, on the back of all of the pictures.  She knew to the penny how much she spent on her honeymoon because she kept a detailed record of it.  She kept tabs on meals she made and what her family thought of them (good, very good or excellent).  To be this detailed and organized took a lot of discipline.  She probably would have loved to have been able to forgo writing in our baby books to go to bed early.  But she never did.  Her discipline kept her up until the job was done.

I never realized the discipline it takes to train and run a marathon is the same discipline my mom had.  And I guess I do have  a bit of her organizational tendencies too, I just can’t seem to organize my cupboards or pictures to save my life.  But all of my running routes are organized and I know exactly the best spots to drop water.  I organize and plan details that surround race weekends, sometimes down to the minute details.  I can also tell you exactly how many miles I’ve run since 2005.  I keep track of details such as what I wore during blizzard conditions just so I know what to wear if that weather pattern would happen to repeat itself during another long run in the future.

And I have the discipline not to skip training for no good reason (yeah, I’m talking to you co-workers).  Sure, a workout here or there gets missed.  But when I have almost 100 workout days already logged for 2012, missing one or two isn’t bad.  And I guess I have my mom to thank for that.  She’d be impressed that I finally used my discipline (I’m pretty sure she used to call it stubbornness) for good!

Until next time…

Gotta run.


2 responses to “Like Mother, like daughter?

  1. My first marathon without Captain Jolene, I hope I don’t need an audible on race day at mile 18 again!

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