Before careful what you wish for

Two weeks ago I found out that Brian and I got entry into the NY Marathon.  Let me start by saying, “HOT DAMN”!  I’m so freaking excited I could pee.  I’ve booked airfare and hotel accommodations and I obsessively search online for things to do while we will be in New York.  I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like to run with 50,000 other runners. Considering the marathon I ran in spring had about 300 other runners, NY will be the polar opposite.  And having millions of people lining all 26.2 miles and cheering the runners on is something I can’t imagine until I experience it in person.  However, before I get to run through the streets of New York, I must train for the marathon.  That means running through the streets of Green Bay in the summer heat.  I have a 13 mile run to get in this weekend and the Saturday temperature is projected to be 88 and Sunday’s temperature is going to hover around 90.  Holy hell, what did I get myself into?  If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know I don’t react well to heat.  You also know that my internal temperature gauge is approximately 20 degrees warmer than everyone else’s temp.  You also know that I hyperventilate when I overheat and I’ve done this in 70 degree weather.  So an actual temperature of 90 degrees does not bode well for this runner.  I may spontaneously combust at a projected temperature of 90 degrees.  Yikes!

So, while I am THRILLED to be running the NY Marathon this fall, I’m not thrilled with having to train in summer. I don’t think I truly realized the gravity of what it would mean to have to log long runs in heat and humidity.  I guess I need to leather up because there’s no way around it.  But I may need to download Empire State of Mind and some other New York related songs to remind me why I’m doing this.    However, if anyone sees me laying under a tree, melting away this weekend – please dump some water on me, call Brian and tell him to pick me up and remind me it will be worth it when I get to finish in Central Park in November!

Until next time,

Gotta run

My new mantra: It will be worth it, it will be worth it, it will be worth it……….


4 responses to “Before careful what you wish for

  1. Good luck! Mate of mine did NY last year, all he could talk about was that he got so much more encouragement (cheering and high fives etc) than anywhere else he’d been … must put an american marathon on my wishlist 😀

  2. I was in Dublin in October for a vacation with my family. Beautiful country. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

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