I’m one sweaty chick

Well, I did it.  I got my 13.1 mile training run in this weekend.  I wasn’t looking forward to it for a few reason but mainly because I was going to be running it alone and I was going to be running it in the heat.  Neither of which I really enjoy.  I got up early on Sunday to try to get out the door before the weather became completely unbearable.  That meant I was running by 6:30am.  Yikes.  That’s not enjoyable for this non-morning person.  I was also concerned about staying hydrated on my run so I had my husband drop two bottles of Powerade Zero for me and I also had 3 gas stations along the route that I was going to use as water stops.  This worked really well for me.

I ran smart and stayed hydrated as best that I could.  But it was still a scorcher and the shade was hit or miss along the route.  But this you may find interesting.  I weighed myself before and after my run because I was curious about how much water weight I would sweat out.  I weighed the same after my run as I did before I left the house.  And you may be thinking, “huh, she really doesn’t sweat as much as she says she does”.  Oh yes I do!!  I had consumed over 96 ounces of fluid on my run.  Considering I took in that 96 ounces and yet weighed the same after I got home, I can only assume I sweated out some where in the neighborhood of 6 pounds of water weight.  I’m one sweaty chick.  And now I have proof.  Granted my husband would probably have said that he could have told me that prior to this test.

So, while I was completely sweaty and exhausted when it was done – I was pretty happy.  I was also very proud of myself for yet again, accomplishing something tough.  I’m learning to train on my own because my husband is doing his own training (my husband is now training for the Triathlon National Championships in Vermont in August – YAY hubby!) and I’m learning to run in the heat.  Two things that I have never been comfortable doing.  I’m glad to know that after 4 marathons, there are still things that can push me and that I can strive to overcome.

Until next time,

Gotta run


4 responses to “I’m one sweaty chick

  1. Thanks. It’s weird that I’m actually a bit proud of my sweating but yet it’s par for the course with me!

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