Humility is a runner’s friend

Anyone that runs outside on a consistent basis can confirm that they get a lot of stares from passing motorists.  In winter, drivers who pass us in their nice warm cars stare at us because they can’t fathom why anyone would run outside in such horrible winter conditions.  In summer, people stare because they do not dare go anywhere that doesn’t offer a cold blast from the air conditioning, much less perform physical activity in humid and unbearable conditions.  People have glared at me because they apparently don’t want to share the road with me and they have laughed at me when I’ve tripped and fallen and had to perform my best tuck and roll to prevent broken bones.

So, the fact that I was getting a lot of stares during my run on Saturday didn’t faze me too much.  I chalked it up to any number of reasons and I just ignored them all.  But after I got home I saw what may have been the cause of my early morning stares on this particular run.  Once again, I have to shake my head and say “really?!”

Until next time,

Gotta run

Nothing like some good ol’ boob sweat to make the drivers take notice.


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