Heat + 16 miles + me = Not good

What the fuck is going on with the weather in this county?  Seriously, I ask you… what the fuck?  I don’t think I have enough F-words to properly convey how much I hate running in the heat.  If you’ve followed my blog over the years you know I overheat easily and my ideal running temperature is 45 degrees.  Well, then you can just about guess that 90, 92 and 95 and humid is NOT what I call ideal.  Good lord, I may just explode.  And Saturday’s long training run in heat made for one of the toughest runs I’ve had since I hyperventilated twice in last year’s marathon.

Saturday morning I had set out to run a 16-miler in the heat.  I had tried my best to avoid the heat by running at 6:30am but by mile 1 I was a sweaty mess.  I have a gas station I use at  mile 1 as a bathroom and water stop.  I had full-blown sweat literally dripping from me and I learned I should never look in the mirror again while I’m running.  It didn’t just run down my face, it dropped off in big puddles.  And this was mile ONE!!!  Or lord, this did not bode well for the next 15 miles.

As not to bore you with the mile by mile sweat tabulations, let’s just say it was not good and I’ll give you the highlights.

  • At one point I ran past a nice home with a sprinkler system and they were watering their lawn.  And yes, I used their sprinkler!  I tried the best I could to cool off in their sprinkler but stopped short of actually running or standing in it – but I did stick my head and legs in it.
  • I was running in a white dry fit shirt and it was 100% see through by the time I was done running. And not from me splashing water on myself, but instead from my sweat.  But I was so hot and disoriented that I didn’t really care at that point.  Right now, thinking back at it, I’m pretty horrified.
  • Around mile 8 I realized this was a really bad run and it would probably only get worse.  But I was 8 miles away from home so had no option but to continue on.
  • Around mile 10 I made a deal with myself that if I just crawled my way to mile 13, I could stop and walk the rest of the way home.
  • When I actually hit mile 13, I thought, “I haven’t stopped and walked before and I’m not about to start now”.  Onward!~
  • Even though I talked myself into continuing it was also a bit disheartening because it meant I had 3 more horrible miles to endure.  I kind of wanted to cry at this moment.
  • Shortly after I decided to keep running and not walk (I also decided not to find a shade tree and just sit there until the owner of the property asked me to leave) I saw my husband.  He had left the house about 15 minutes after me, did a 25 mile bike, an 8 mile run and still had time to worry about me not being home so he got in the car to come and look for me.  AND I STILL HAD 3 MILES TO GO – GOOD LORD! THIS WAS DEFINITELY A BAD RUN!
  • For the next 3 miles I had my very own cheering section and personal water stop captain kindly acted out by my husband.  He drove ahead of me and then would pull over and wait for me with water and a cold towel.  When I was done, he would go 1/2 to 1 mile in front and wait for me all over again.  He did this until I was done running and I was thrilled.  Especially because I had to ad lib a part of my route and this meant I finished my run 1 mile from home.  If he hadn’t waited for me I would have had to walk home but instead I drove home in the cool comfort of the AC!
  • When I finally finished – because of the struggle of this run and because I was so appreciative of my husband rocking the route for the last 3 miles that I was a bit emotional and I had to fight back tears.  That emotional state paired with the physical struggle of the run kicked my wheezing and hyperventilating into gear.  I fought it off for the most part and it was more wheezing than a full attack, but nonetheless, it was not a fun way to end the run.

So, there you have it – a look at the highlights, or perhaps they were the low lights, of my last long run.  There’s a heat advisory in effect for my town until the end of the week.  The extended forecast also shows nothing but heat and humidity.  So I’m guessing I will have more bad runs than good ones this summer.  I just hope running New York will be worth it.  What am I saying?  Of course it will.

Until next time,

Gotta run…. slow and in the shade!


4 responses to “Heat + 16 miles + me = Not good

  1. I wish WordPress would have a “like” button for comments. Because I wanted to “like” your comment… but to answer your rhetorical question – nope didn’t enjoy this one. But thanks for asking!

  2. I agree with having a “like” button but not just for comments….also for your blog entry.

    Way to hang in there….and way to go Brian!

  3. Actually there is a like button
    for blog posts. But I think it may be just for other WordPress users. Not totally sure.

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