They say a picture is worth a thousand words

In an attempt to not bitch about the heat and humidity, I thought I’d compile an entry of photos that show some of the events and races I’ve participated in over the years.  I actually had forgotten about some of them until I went searching for the pictures… good times, good times!

Chicago Half Marathon – 2005. My very first half. I was so excited and nervous. I love the girl in the blue shorts behind me. Apparently she was very excited as well.

The Crooks Street Cruisers as a relay team for the Door County Tri in 2005. Nicole swam, Brian biked and I ran.

The Urban Climb 2006 — 2,109 steps to the top of the Sears Tower. Wow, was it tough!!

The after shot of the Urban Climb – 2006.

The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon in 2007 was my very first marathon. I had so so many friends and family members come out to cheer me on. By far it was the best experience because there will never be another first marathon again. Also, this was my friends/family’s first real foray into Rocking the Route and they ROCKED IT!

Post marathon picture with my dad. Love this one! (Cellcom Green Bay Marathon – 2007)

5K run in Central Park in 2007. This is what you look like when you go out the night before. The race started at 7am and I didn’t get to bed until 4am. But we only had one Saturday night in NY and had to go out! I suffered through the 5K but it was worth it!

Whenever possible I like to volunteer at races. Here is a photo of my sister and me getting ready to take our volunteer posts for the 2008 Bellin Run. We were drunk with power. We blamed it on the vests!

First annual Chicago RnR Half Marathon in 2009. My husband, a true Packers fan, was giving grief to our friend, a Bears fan, in front of Soldier Field.

Chicago RnR Half – 2009. Not too shabby of a view.

Urbanathlon 2009 – My penalty for falling off the monkey bars was 20 push ups. While I wasn’t proud I fell off the monkey bars, I have to say that I rocked my push ups!

Urbanathlon – 2009…. rope wall

San Diego RnR Marathon 2009 — “Can of Spam” was our mantra for this race and we had the temporary tattoos to help us remember it was all just a “can of spam”!

San Diego Marathon 2009 – Our reaction to seeing my sister (who wasn’t supposed to be in town) surprise us at mile 12.   Live and authentic!

San Diego – 2009. Post marathon picture with my sisters.

San Diego 2009 – All of the Route Rockers, minus Bob. I’m totally bummed he didn’t make the picture.

Illinois Marathon – 2011. Two of our three Route Rockers supporting us as we round the corner.

Illinois Marathon 2011. Nothing more to say about this picture, I think the poster says it all.

Warrior Dash – 2011. Pre-race fun!

Warrior Dash – 2011. In my defense – the flames look really high when you’re jumping over them.

Warrior Dash – 2011. Who doesn’t like to get a bit dirty now and then?

Fall 50 Relay – 2011. Our team name: “These aren’t our cute shoes, but they still kick ass”!

Fall 50 Relay – 2011. Perfect fall day to run through beautiful Door County.

Eau Claire Marathon – 2012. Small race, we practically had the course to ourselves!

Eau Claire Marathon – 2012…. our post race picture with our good luck charms

Manitowoc Marathon 2-person Relay – 2012


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