Injuries and disappointments, how do you handle them?

A week ago my husband developed a foot injury.  It was bad enough that on a run we were doing together last week he made it only 100 yards before he had to stop because of the pain.  Same thing happened on our long run on Saturday; he had to stop after a short distance and I continued on without him.  The fact that he had to stop running because of the pain only conveyed to me how badly he must be hurting.  This is the same guy who once ran a half marathon with a herniated disc.  He’s pretty good at dealing with and running through pain.  We were both very concerned about his foot because the marathon is only 26 days away.  He saw two doctors and had an x-ray and a MRI because the general consensus was that he had a stress fracture in his foot that would inevitably have kept him out of running the marathon with me.

Good news is that he just got confirmation that it is NOT a stress fracture and is instead tendonitis.  But at least he can run on that diagnosis.  It will be painful but at least he won’t cause any more damage to his foot.  The weird thing is that before we knew the diagnosis I was trying to think about the “what ifs”.  In the past I couldn’t have run a marathon without him.  I would have physically needed him alongside of me to get me to the finish line.  But with my solo training I’ve been doing this year, for the first time I realized I didn’t NEED him to run with me to get me to the finish line.  But instead I WANTED him to run it with me.  I don’t want to run NY without him I want this as our shared experience.

I know in the big scheme of things if he couldn’t run, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world and we would both have survived.  But it does get you to thinking about the time and effort that’s put into training and the disappointment that goes along with a last-minute injury.  For years I’ve watched athletes pull out of the Olympics or big games at the last-minute or in a preliminary/playoff round due to an injury and I can’t even fathom the mental toughness they must have to move on from that disappointment.  Gives me a whole new respect for professional athletes and not because of their physical abilities but instead for their mental toughness.  Impressive.

So with only 26 days remaining, all I have to say is – Game On!

Until next time,

Gotta run


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