Stop. Taper Time!

The small hills aren’t as small as they appear on this chart. It’s just that the hill covering miles 12-14 was so freaking huge that it dwarfs the rest. This was not an easy route. And to be perfectly honest, by the time I got to the top of that hill, a small child could have out paced me as slow as I was moving. But I didn’t stop, even when my lungs and legs were burning and I did it. Solo!

Hot Damn, I’ve completed my longest training run of the season and I’ve officially entered the blessed period, otherwise known as “the taper”.  This is when you ease up on miles and “recover” a bit before the marathon.  I am even more grateful to be entering the taper because I was a bit concerned going into my last long run and that’s because I was going to be doing it alone.  My husband still isn’t back to running which meant he couldn’t push it and run with me yesterday.  But I’m happy to report, I’ve crossed another HUGE milestone off of my list of accomplishments:  the 22-mile solo run!!  I can not believe I did 22 miles yesterday on my own.  You truly have no idea how big of an accomplishment it is for me.  I’m actually still a bit jazzed from it.  I do have to admit, however, that my hubby did come and “find me” a half a dozen times as he was riding his bike to get his workout it.  But other than that, I was solo!

And not only did I run solo, I pretty much kicked butt too. I did a route that consisted of an elevation gain of 563 feet!  My last 5 miles were the fastest of the entire run and I finished feeling physically and mentally strong.  I’m going to ride this high until the marathon where I’m going to use my training, adrenaline and the million spectators to carry me to the finish line.

At least that’s the plan!!

Until next time,

Gotta run


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