What inspires you?

This past weekend, I was in beautiful Door County for an endurance event called the Fall 50.  It is a 50 mile run that most do as a 4-5 person relay team but others choose to do it solo.  I was there as part of a support crew for my friend who was one of the crazy people attempting this event as a solo runner.  The weather was great, the scenery was amazing and it was an all around great day.  The support team consisted of about 13 friends or family members.  We had a lot of laughs and when we saw our friend cross the finish line we also had a lot of tears.

Watching an ultra race such as the Fall 50 will inspire and warm the hearts of even the toughest of characters.  Seeing someone go through the emotional and physical highs and lows that go along with running 50 miles is something everyone should witness once in their lifetime. It’s a true testament to a person’s determination, drive and will power.  A lot of people – okay most people – can’t even fathom why someone would want to put themselves through such as event.  And the race is just one day.  That doesn’t even take into account the months and hundreds and hundreds of miles of training that needs to be put in to make sure you cross the finish line.

But I get it.  I understand that wish to push yourself to limits that you never thought were possible – just to see if they are possible.  I understand the mental challenge is just as big, if not bigger, than the physical challenge that these athletes tackle.  The sacrifice and discipline it requires is something most people couldn’t handle.  And that’s precisely why the Fall 50 is on my Bucket List.  As a lot of you know, I’m not a gifted runner.  But I am a stubborn one.  What I lack in ability I more than make up for in sheer determination.  The feeling of accomplishment when crossing the finish line of an ultra race is one I can’t even comprehend.  I know the happiness and satisfaction that I feel when I cross a marathon finish line.  But to cross the finish line for an ultra, I can guess, must be what “pure joy” feels like.  And let’s be honest – as adults, how many times do we really get to experience pure joy any more?

So, I want to thank my friend for putting the inspiration back in me and for reinforcing why the Fall 50 is on my Bucket List.  He also showed me what it will take to cross this achievement off of my List:

  • Determination
  • Will power
  • Grit
  • Stubbornness
  • Positive attitude
  • One helluva good support team

And what’s waiting for me at the finish line:

  • Pure joy!

Until next time.

Gotta run

My friend and part of his support team including his wife, myself and my hubby getting ready for the start.

At the finish line: Okay, this may not seem to be Pure Joy now but I’m guessing somewhere buried under “pure exhaustion” lies the joy!

The sign says it all.

The team!





2 responses to “What inspires you?

  1. Not sure I can fathom the amount of swearing that would be done during Fall 50 training. Not sure your husband can handle it.

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