I just realized that I’m closing in on a lifetime total mileage of 6,000 miles.  And in reality, my lifetime isn’t a lifetime.   I only started running in 2005, so when I talk total lifetime mileage, I’m really talking about just 8-years.

I am completely blown away by this number.  I, am not athletically gifted.  When I started running I couldn’t run for 2-minutes without stopping.  I hated the thought of sweating and I would have rather have had a beer and a cigarette than a Gatorade and Gu.  But now look.  Closing in on 6,000 miles.  I just want to keep saying it… 6,000 – 6,000 – 6,000 – 6,000 – 6,000!

I did a little Googling to figure out exactly how far I’ve traveled and since I started running I have basically gone from California to New York AND back to California.

So here’s to giving new meaning to being bi-coastal!

Until next time,

Gotta run


5 responses to “6,000

  1. That’s amazing! Right now my milestone will be on the 15th when I run my furthest distance in a Quarter Marathon race. So I can only imagine your satisfaction must be through the roof.
    Having only began running slightly over a year ago, I love it when I read about someone who also thought they would die if they didn’t stop running after what seemed hours but were really only a few minutes. It tells me that you didn’t have to be a cross country or track athlete to run marathons. Soon, I will get there!
    Once again, congrats! And keep saying that number!

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