I spy

Went for a 13-mile run this morning.  Although it was overcast, misting and a bit foggy, it was a beautiful day for a run.  I’ll never complain about running in 40 degree weather in December.  So as I was running today I really made a conscious effort to enjoy being outside and being able to run in capris and a long sleeve tee.  So instead of worrying about my speed, I slowed down and looked around.  And what did I see?  Here’s a quick inventory of what I discovered on my run today:

  • Beautifully decorated homes that are definitely ready for Santa’s arrival. And I’m also happy to report that I didn’t spot any holiday inflatables on my run.  Hopefully this means that the inflatable trend is coming to an end.
  • A lot of geese.  I thought they would have been down south already.  I guess not.
  • Two blue jays.  I love spotting blue jays, cardinals or other colorful birds.
  • I was pretty bummed to see as much litter, especially empty beer cans, as I did.
  • And the litter did not only consist of beer cans but orange solo cups, banana peels and a broken up jar of applesauce.  How does a full jar of applesauce end up on the side of the road?
  • A pair of deer.  They spotted me before I spotted them and they went running for cover.  But thanks to their fluffy white tails, I was able to keep my eye on them while they ran through the woods.
  • I also spotted not one, but two condoms.  Really, people?  I obviously know what you were doing that you needed the condoms for but I just can’t figure out how they ended up on the city streets.

Deer, applesauce and condoms… all within the city limits.  Definitely would make for an interesting version of the “I spy” game!

Until next time,

Gotta run


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