Looking in the past to see the future

I am amazed and disappointed that I haven’t posted anything for over 5 months.  The fact that this is my first post of 2013 is outrageous to me.  Let me first start by apologizing for the 5 month silence.  I didn’t purposely take a break, it was a matter of circumstances and reflections that took me away from blogging but I’m hoping to get back on track.  I may not have the time to post as often as I would like, but I’m definitely not going to have a 5 month hiatus again.

Let’s jump right into things.  On your mark, get set, go….

According to the ticker on my sidebar, my next marathon is in 5 months.  Well, that WILL be the case after I finish the marathon I’m running in 10 days.  I signed up for the MedCity Marathon in Rochester, MN.  I’m very excited to run it.  I picked this race because it got good reviews for being well-organized and it looks like a nice course.  Also it’s only a 5 hour drive from home and most importantly, it is the week after the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon so I could train all winter with my local running group that had trained for the Cellcom and yet not have to alter my training much to accommodate the race one week later.

Speaking of the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, I am part of the Operations Team for this race and it’s officially “race week”.  I LOVE being part of the Operations Team for this race.  I see the effort that it takes to put on an event like this, I know the people who work year-round to make sure all details are accounted for and I get to experience the excitement of runners who are running their first distance event or the veterans going for a PR.  And if these runners enjoy themselves and reach their goals and I, and my friends, contributed to their enjoyment and memories created this weekend even just a bit… that jazz’s me beyond belief!

Another race that I added to my race calendar this year is a 6-hour ultra-marathon.  Well, I HOPE it will be an ultra.  Technically an ultra is any distance over 26.2 miles.  So I will not be running a “distance”, per say, but instead I’ll be running for a set amount of time – in this case it’s 6 hours.  This run is a trail run, which can dramatically decrease my speed.  So I sure hope I can cover over 26.2 miles in 6 hours.  I don’t get a finisher’s medal if I don’t go over 26.2 miles.  And I’m sure as hell not going to run for 6 hours without getting a fricken medal at the end.  I’m just sayin!  I think it might be wise for my husband to whip up some special, fancy bling for me in the off-chance I don’t complete at least 26.2 miles and I don’t get an official medal.  If he wants to have a wife that isn’t completely unbearable – he better make sure I have bling around my neck, even if he has to make something himself with a hot glue gun, fake crystals and some ribbon!

Changing topics completely — I can’t do an update after all of this time and not talk about the tragedy that happened in Boston this year at the Boston Marathon.  I was sick to my stomach when I heard the news and I couldn’t get enough of the media coverage.  But then after constantly being bombarding from all angles with media coverage, after a short 48-hours I couldn’t watch it any longer.  I couldn’t hear about the random speculation that the reporters and media were basically just making up to fill air time.  It was random opinions and it was crazy.  So I turned the TV off and I turned “inside” to reflect on what happened.  It made me so, so sad that almost all of those injured and all the ones that passed away were family and friends that just came to watch.  Running a marathon is infinitely more enjoyable if you have friends and family to share it with and that come out to support you.  “Rocking the route”, as I call it –  if done correctly – isn’t always easy and sometimes requires its own training and preparations.  So for family and friends that did nothing wrong to take the brunt of the tragedy makes my heart hurt.  All they did was leave home that morning to support the efforts of their runner and share in that runner’s accomplishment and joy.  Then they paid the maximum price and that is just so so sad.   I just hope it doesn’t deter any spectators and fans from coming out to watch an endurance race in the future. I know marathoners will never stop running but I hope it doesn’t cause family and friends to stop watching.  I hope they don’t stay home and send their support via a text message instead.  I know the Boston Marathon will come back stronger than ever. I know runners will unite and that nothing, not even a bombing, will stop them.  But I don’t know what hidden ramifications are lurking around the corner that are unforeseeable?  I know security is increasing at events but I hope it doesn’t take away from the casual “fun” that happens such as specators acting crazy and running around trying to catch their runners, marathoners or fans ditching clothes or supplies to lighten the load and last-minute dashes to the finish line to watch a mom cross the finish line holding the hand of her little toddler that ran into the finishers chute to cross the line with her.  Marathons to me, are such a “pure” event.  No one gets”booed”.  Strangers will cheer for you or give you food, water or other supplies.  The average runner gets to run the same course at the same time as the best of the best and may also be run alongside of a celebrity or two – all in pursuit of the same goal.  Runners, even while some compete against each other, for the most part all want each other to succeed and do great.  Spectators often join in the fun and can be seen jumping on a course to share a few strides with the one they know and love.  No other sport has this connection between fellow athletes or the athletes and fans.  Marathons are pure, are inspiring and are special.  And I hope what happaned in Boston doesn’t rob us on that purity and all things that makes marathons great.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about marathons, endurance events, training and all things related and not just because of what happened in Boston.  I really enjoy being involved in events both as a runner and as a member of an Operations Team.  Looking at the past several years, I’ve realized what’s brought me the most joy (besides my husband and my family and friends of course – how’s that for a nice save?!)has been all things involving running.  I obviously enjoy it to the point where I spend my free time blogging about it.  Since I last posted, back in 2012 I got a new job.  Yay!  I had been looking for a new job for quite a while.  And while I’m happy with my job, I can’t help but wonder if there’s “something else” out there that I’m missing.  I put “something else” in quotes because I truly don’t know what that “something else” may be.  I just have a feeling that there’s something else I should be doing or taking advantage of but I’m just not sure what. I have read a lot of things lately that talk about paying attention to “the signs” and making changes or just shaking things up and going forward with things you love and things that inspire you.  I’m not sure what all of this means or what may be around the corner but I am secretly (okay, I guess it’s not a secret if I’m writing it in a blog) wondering if I need to “go for it”.  And again I’m putting “go for it” in quotes because I have NO IDEA what I may “go for”.  I have no idea, direction or gut instinct telling me what I should do.  All I have is a passion for something and a lot of random “nothings”.  So I’m throwing it out there to all of you as a first step in my attempt to “go for it”.  I’m voicing my inner thoughts and putting it out there to you incase someone reading this has a reaction.  Maybe someone will have a thought, idea or opportunity that I haven’t thought of before.  If anyone knows what my gut is trying to tell me, feel free to let me know.  Because quite honestly I don’t have a frigging clue what this feeling is all about.  And since I can’t figure it out, I guess perhaps I’ll have a cocktail because maybe that will help clear my head and help me sort things out.  And if it doesn’t help me sort things out, maybe it will help me forget what it is that I’m trying to sort out!

Until next time,

Gotta run.  And gotta have a cocktail!


One response to “Looking in the past to see the future

  1. From one of your loyal readers…nice to see you writing again. Also, can’t wait to Rock the Route this year!

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