In like Flynn

You know something?  I have no idea what that saying “in like Flynn” even means.  I’m going to have to Wikipedia it after I’m done typing.  I want to know what it means, but apparently not badly enough to stop what I’m doing and look it up now.

Sorry, I got sidetracked there, back to my original reason for posting.

My “In like Flynn” statement is in honor of the NY Marathon holding their lottery drawing this week.  While I was guaranteed an entry because I was “in” last year I didn’t run it because of the cancellation.  So while I didn’t have to wait for the lottery drawing to know my fate, I still got giddy when I got this email.









Isn’t it just the prettiest email message you’ve ever seen?

Until next time,

Gotta run



2 responses to “In like Flynn

  1. “In like Flynn” is a slang phrase meaning “having achieved a goal or gained access as desired”. You’re welcome.

    Also, WOOT WOOT to being “IN” the 2013 New York Marathon!

  2. Awesome, this helps. Especially considering I had lost interest by the time I was done posting and I forgot to look it up. But now my next question: Who is Flynn?

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