And so it begins

This is how badly I want The Fall 50.

Let me paint you a picture. It’s 4:12am and my alarm goes off. It’s pitch black outside and it’s fricken freezing. And by freezing I mean, negative 10 degrees air temperature with a wind chill of negative 35. The house is making some incredibly weird creaking noises indicating it’s not happy with how cold it is either and most area schools are on a 2-hour delay due to the dangerously low temperatures. I hit snooze twice and then I’m up and out of bed. I’m actually up and out of bed.  That right there folks, shows the drive I have for the Fall 50!

I had a 5:15am appointment with my Coach/Trainer. And trust me, it’s just about the last thing I wanted to be doing – especially since I watched the clock most of the night unable to sleep. Side note: I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Mad About You was on from 2am-3:30 am on WGN. Nice bonus!

But once I got to the Y and met Coach Craig, it didn’t take me long to be thrilled with the fact that I not only got my butt out of bed to go and see him, but more importantly that I made the decision to invest in a Coach who will get me not only to the starting line, but more importantly get me to the finish line. And do it with as little pain and discomfort as possible – to which I say, yes please!

I had been having some doubts about hiring Coach Craig because after talking with some friends about the Fall 50 and trying to figure out how best to work with Coach Craig, I had been second guessing how I wanted to use Craig and if I needed him for anything more than a training schedule that would show me how far to run and when. I thought maybe I just needed a plan. As one friend told me, “you know how to do it… you just don’t think you do”. So with that being said, I thought, “yeah, I basically know what I’m doing, I just need him to confirm distance etc., I just need him to lay out the basics for me and the rest I can do on my own.”

After meeting with him for only 30 minutes this morning, I’m SO glad I’m working with him. He had me do a few simple stretches and could instantly see my weak areas that I need to strengthen. And even though, I’m really flexible he was still telling me different things I should and shouldn’t be doing. I already know I need to work on my hips and glutes and I have been trying to strengthen and stretch them for over a year and thought I had done a really good job at it. But he could see instantly that they were still weak and knew exactly which areas to focus on and which ones could be a secondary focus.

Also, he has seen me run and knows I’m a “shuffler” (fancy way of saying I barely get my feet off of the ground… okay, sometimes I don’t get my feet off of the ground and I stumble over pebbles… no lie) and is giving me cross training exercises that will elongate my hip flexors because I don’t do it naturally. He is also having me do a few other cross training exercises I NEVER would have done on my own. I thought the exercises I was doing were good enough, but I guess not.

He’s also hinting at some of my future training runs saying he’s going to make me run down hills and walk up them to get used to walking hills (this will KILL me, I pride myself on kicking ass on hills) and he also said he’s going to have me do runs at “different” paces. I said… “I only have one pace”, which I guess was his point!

So, in less than 30 minutes I learned a lot, have a ton of confidence in Craig and am so excited to get going. I’m so freaking excited! I can’t believe I’m excited to train for the next 10 months.??!!  That must be a sign that I’m ready to take on the Fall 50 Solo Journey.

Bring it!



Until next time,

Gotta run


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