My January training plan has arrived

I just got my January training plan.  It shows days to run, cross train, and days to throw in some strength training too.  Looks pretty reasonable.  However, the schedule has me doing 60 minutes of cross training on Sunday.  This means I’m stuck inside at the Y compared to being outside and taking advantage of the daylight.  So of course, within 30 minutes of getting my plan, I already had an email into my Coach asking if we could switch my Sunday workout to another day so I don’t have to run after work and in the dark.

His reply – and I’m paraphrasing – NO!

He actually gave me a really good and detailed response (I really appreciated the detail, and he didn’t realize he probably saved himself time in the long run because at some point, I would have cracked and had to follow up with “but why?”) that made a lot of sense.  But that doesn’t mean I necessarily have to like it!

But I will do it.

I will accept these things that I have to do that go against all of the things I consider logical and good.  I accept that I hired him for a reason and that I need to trust him.  I accept the fact that I’m willing to do damn near anything in order to get me ready to complete the Fall 50.

And I accept that it’s going to be a LONG journey.  Both literally and figuratively.  And I’m guessing my Coach thinks so too!

Until next time,

Gotta run


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