Detoxing – Lord help me

Again, in a testament to what I will do to get in shape for the Fall 50 – I started a 3 day detox cleanse today.  I decided to do the detox cleanse to “reset” my body and jump-start my metabolism.  I’ve steadily been gaining weight over the last couple of years, a few pounds here and a few pounds there and next thing you know I’m a good 10 pounds heavier than I should be.  So I need to go on a diet but I also know that diets have been less and less effective for me lately because I seem to have hit a plateau.  I tend to eat the same thing over and over and my body gas gotten used to the foods I consume, even while on a diet, and because of that I can’t seem to lose weight. So I figure a 3 day detox will jump-start my diet and my metabolism.

Today’s day number one and my first day without coffee.  I really enjoy coffee.  I started cutting back on my caffeine consumption last week, just so it wouldn’t be so brutal on me this week.  But I was allowed to have tea this morning and it wasn’t bad.

My breakfast drink was pretty tasty.  I actually would say that I enjoyed it.  However, what I enjoy more is EATING my breakfast compared to drinking it.  I think I’m going to miss chewing real food!

I am NOT looking forward to my lunch drink.  I took a quick little sip of it last night when Brian was making it and it wasn’t good.  It wasn’t horrible, but I wouldn’t consider it good.  And I have two, 16 oz containers to drink.  That’s two drinks I need to force down.  Should be interesting.

What really has me discouraged is that dinner may be even worse. I read the ingredients that go into that smoothie and none of them appeal to me.  None.  It’s definitely nothing I’m looking forward to drinking.

And another “hardship” of this detox that I’ve just discovered my be the most difficult of them all… is no gum.  Many of you know that I’m pretty much addicted to gum.  I’ve tried to break myself of the habit, but I just can’t.  And since I started the diet last week, my normal obsession had increased ten fold.  I use gum to combat my desire for food, which is a constant desire.  And now since I can’t snack or drink coffee, I feel myself reaching for gum even more than ever before.

Besides worrying about the taste of these drinks, I’m worried about withdrawal from the toxins I so do enjoy.  Caffeine, processed foods, etc.  I may not consume a lot of them, but when I do, I do enjoy them.  And any time you deprive yourself of something and add withdrawal into the mix, it just doesn’t paint a pretty picture of what I’ll be like for the next 3 days.  I am going to try really hard NOT to be crabby and not to give in to those clichéd side effects, but I may not have a choice.  I chose a 3-day plan compared to the typical 7-day plans just so I could ease into this whole cleanse thing.  I figured I needed training wheels.  I didn’t start by running a marathon, I eased into it.  Same philosophy with this cleanse, I figured I’m not ready to go for 7 days, 3 will be tough enough.  And considering my husband is doing it with me, and he drinks even more caffeine and eats more processed foods than I do, our household should be a real treat the next few days.

So here’s hoping this damn detox works.  Here’s hoping it helps me get a bit healthier.  Here’s hoping it helps jump-start my diet and I lose some weight.  And most importantly, here’s hoping Brian and I don’t kill each other in the next 3 days!

Until next time,

Gotta run


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