Vacations, crazy business travel and one chiropractor visit. Aka… how I spent my winter.

Spring is officially here, even though today does not feel like it. But I’m definitely not going to complain about the temperature because I will admit; I got off really easy this winter.  I have nothing to complain about (wow… I have nothing to complain about? That’s a first!) when it come to training during this past winter.  Temperatures weren’t horrible and there was very little snow, that’s as good as it’s going to get in Wisconsin.

I have almost 3 months of Fall 50 training under my belt.  It doesn’t feel any differently than if I was training for a marathon, compared to an ultra.  Except of course, the fact that I don’t have total control over what I do and when.  I do admit that I am very creative when it comes to when I get my training in, sssshhh… don’t tell my trainer.  It’s not that I’m rearranging my training for the hell of it, but with my work schedule, and other outside conflicts, I need to rearrange my workouts.  And I’d rather rearrange them and get them all in, than keep them as-is and not be able to do them all because they don’t fit within my schedule.  And let me just tell you, I’ve gone through great lengths to do all the workouts.  I have missed one or two because of traveling for business, but the only time I let travel be used as an excuse is when I had to get up at 2:15am to catch an early morning flight and when I didn’t get to a hotel until 9:30 that night.  That was a long day and I was not able to get a workout in that day.  But yep, I did get up at 5am the next morning to head to the hotel’s fitness center to do my designated workout.  AND I did that workout on a treadmill.  Or as some people call it – the dreadmill. I have not run on a treadmill since 2005.  Once I started to run outside, I realized I could never ever run inside on a treadmill ever again.  I would rather poke my eye out with a hot stick, before running a few miles on a treadmill.  That is until I decided to train for an ultra.  Since deciding to train for an ultra, I have since done about a dozen workouts inside.  I’ve logged a few miles on the YMCA’s track (which is only slightly more tolerable than running on a treadmill) and on a variety of treadmills, including one while on vacation in Panama.  Yes folks, I am so committed to my training that while on vacation, and after discovering that running more than a mile on the deserted roads wasn’t very safe, I finished my run on the treadmill in the fitness center.  It was sunny and warm (actually it was fricken hot, but that’s another post) and I was in an exotic, tropical location and I was stuck inside running on an F’n treadmill.  If that doesn’t show you how badly I want The Fall 50 Solo… I don’t know what does.

This was painful.  But I'm proud to say I completed my miles!

This was painful. But I’m proud to say I completed my miles!

Ran for a bit on this deserted road in Panama, got a mile from the resort and realized it was extremely unsafe.  So we turned around and went back.

Man, it was hot.  It was over an 100 degree swing in temperature from my last run in Wisconsin to my first run in Panama.

Man, it was hot. It was over a 100-degree swing in temperature from my last run in Wisconsin to my first run in Panama.

But besides our un-safe, deserted road run and my treadmill run, we did manage to get in a sunrise run on the beach.  Running on the beach at sunrise with my husband is one of the best parts about running.  It’s truly magical.  Okay, once we got past the fact that we were both crabby and not very nice to each other because we were tired because we had to get up so early, and once Brian stopped complaining about my photo ops and once I stopped complaining because it was hard running on the sand… it was magical! 🙂

Sunrise run in Panama

Sunrise run in Panama

Beach running with the hubby... priceless.

Beach running with the hubby… priceless.

Once I got back from vacation, I traveled a bit for work, with a few crazy flights mentioned above, that required me to rearrange my training once again, I’ve tried to be really on-point with my training.  I have to do hills, tempo runs and cross training.  But because of my work schedule or other out-of-my-control conflicts, I sometimes have to get creative with when and where I do my workouts.  Case in point:  I had to break up one workout because of time constraints.  I was not able to fit in my 15 minutes of low-impact cardio but I also didn’t want to skip it.  Instead of skipping it, I got up before the crack of dawn and did it in my home before I went into work early.  But we do not have any cardio equipment at the house, so my only option was to power walk and do stairs for 15 minutes.  I walked from the back bedroom, down the hall, through the living room and kitchen, down the basement stairs, one lap around the basement living room and then back up to the back bedroom.  I did this for 15 minutes.  Miles, our dog, was very confused.  But soon, he decided his confusion was no match for how tired he was and he got bored watching me and went back to sleep.  So I was left to complete my 15-minute workout by myself, during the pre-dawn hours.  Like I said, I don’t skip workouts if I can help it.

Hopefully my work/travel schedule will slow down a bit and I’ll stay home so I can concentrate on getting my workouts in and getting healthy and strong.  I am still having IT and knee pain, but we’re trying to strengthen all the other body parts that are contributing to the pain.  My trainer re-evaluates me every two weeks and tweaks my workout routine slightly.  He’s doing all this to get me to the staring line but also to get me to the staring line as healthy as possible.  I also decided to see a chiropractor to see if he could help.  While I knew he wasn’t going to “cure” me, I thought it couldn’t hurt to see him and maybe he could realign something that was out of whack, that would make my issues a little less noticeable.  I’m not sure how many of you reading this have ever seen a chiropractor for any sort of running or knee related issues, but if you haven’t, here’s a tip for you.  Don’t wear your 5-inch stiletto ankle boots!

Exhibit A:  Inappropriate footwear

Exhibit A: Inappropriate footwear

You’re welcome… that tip was free of charge!  I wish I had thought through my footwear of choice prior to my appointment.  My chiropractor spent a lot of time, gently badgering me about my inappropriate footwear.  But while I felt a bit scolded, I feel it was probably best that my chiropractor knew the truth.  I wear heels.  Tall ones.  And I wear them often.  But when I was getting scolded for my choice in wearing heels, I told him that soon I would be trading them in for flip-flops as soon as the weather got a bit warmer.  That also did not gain me any brownie points with him.  Oh well.  I only own inappropriate footwear, nothing I can do about that before the Fall 50.

Well, that’s the latest update on my training.  Things are going to get real serious, real soon.  On Wednesday, April 1st, registration opens for The Fall 50 and I will be able to sign up to run and it will be “official”.  Once the registration is official, everything becomes super real and the stakes are raised.

So here’s to registration opening soon.  I’m super excited about it.  My journey continues!

Until next time,

Gotta Run


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