Short update

1.  I hate tempos runs.  I hate the fact that I run my little heart out and feel like I can’t possibly move any faster and yet Brian is running alongside of me as casual as ever and looks as if he’s bored and could fall asleep at any moment.  For these reasons, I make him run behind me so I can’t see him.  If I see him, I want to kill him.  My shadow feels the same way about his shadow.  During our last temp run, the angle of the sun was such that even though I couldn’t see Brian, I could see his shadow.  And I was not digging his casual shadow because my shadow was about to burst.   I told him that at that moment, my shadow was going to stab his shadow and there was nothing I could do about it.  So he graciously ran directly behind me so his shadow was within mine and I could no longer  see it.  Whew, crisis averted!

2.  I had my first two mini- freak outs.  I didn’t actually freak out as much as I did the… “what the fuck have I gotten myself into?” self-discussion.  The latest being less than an hour ago while ago while I was at the local running store picking up new shoes.  There were two people in the store having a discussion about running the very same ultra that I’m running and the guy leading the conversation was a fit, buff and very athletic dude who’s run it in the past.  His comments scared the bejeezes out of me and I am second guessing my abilities.  Yikes… too damn early to already be second guessing myself.  Fuck!

Deep Breath…
Until next time,

Gotta run


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