Strength – where will it come from?

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, which for most people means brunch and some quality time with mom or your own kids.  It’s a holiday that the Nation rallies around and the marketing for it is everywhere.  And I may sound horrible for saying this, but I hate this holiday.  I am not a mother and my mom passed away many years ago, so I do not feel the warm “hug” that the rest of the nation does on this day and I pretty much can’t wait for it to be over.

I tried my hardest to avoid Facebook and other social media on Sunday because I didn’t want to deal with everyone sharing pictures of how much they were enjoying the day with their families, but I couldn’t escape it.  And it got me to thinking about all the moms that “inspire” their kids through their actions or the children that take on adventures with the encouragement and support of their moms and dads.  And I wondered…. what motivates a person to take on a challenge if they aren’t doing it to be a good and strong role model for their kids?  Or if they don’t have the support from their own parents who are their to tell them, “you can do it, you can do anything”, what gets that person through the tough times?  And is the challenge that much greater when the only person who you can draw strength from is yourself?  Is that enough?  Do external influences matter?  And if so, how much do they matter?

I don’t have children that I can be a positive influence for and my parents are no longer living so I am not “making them proud”.  I am not training for an ultra to raise money for a charity (can’t tap into family and friends again so quickly after my husband raised money last year) or to bring awareness to a special cause.  So, does this make my training harder?  How much do those things matter?

I am not even the first one of my friends to train and run this Ultra, so I don’t even have that going for me.  So what will motivate me?  What’s going to keep me going when I can’t pull from the strength and resources that so many others can?

Interesting questions.  I don’t have the answers to them now, but the one thing I do have, is many many miles ahead of me to try to find those answers.

Until next time,

Gotta Run

#TooStubbornToQuit #DoEpicShit


One response to “Strength – where will it come from?

  1. Many questions with many miles ahead – you should have some clarity by the end. In the meantime, some of your siblings may or may not be proud of you. But I can neither confirm nor deny that iffy statement.

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