A coach is priceless

My Coach had emailed me this morning and in my reply to him, I told him about my struggles this past weekend.  Granted I left out the part where I had a mental breakdown, starting crying and pretty much determined that I could not do it, but other than that, I was completely honest!

And while my description to him on my struggles was completely abstract and consisted of feedback such as… “I just wanted to stop running”, he is using it to help get me to my goal.  While I feel that I didn’t give him anything he could actually use to help me, he said I did.  He said it was great feedback and it is already helping him plan my training for the rest of the summer.

Seriously, his email has just made a world of difference to my mental state.  As Brian keeps telling me… Coach Craig will take care of me and will make sure I’m ready.  I love the fact that I have someone with so much knowledge and training on my side and someone I can turn to, to help figure these things out.

For anyone out there thinking about taking on a big challenge and wondering if you should go it alone or hire a trainer/coach… I vote for hiring the coach.  The physical benefits a coach can give you are obvious, but it’s the mental help that they give you that is priceless!

New week, new attitude… thanks to my Coach.

Until next time,

Gotta run

#toostubborntoquit #doepicshit


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