Two miles of clarity

My training plan had me run two short miles last night, it was a low-key and easy workout.  But it was productive beyond the miles I logged.  During my run I had a bit of an epiphany about the marathon/training run this weekend and my dilemma on whether to incorporate walking into my run.  Here is my decision:  I WILL WALK.  Yep, I said it out loud and now I need to own that decision, embrace it and do it.

I realized last night that my goal is the Fall 50, it’s not the marathon so why fight against my Coach’s recommendation?  I hired him for a reason, so I should listen to him.  I also want to run the 6-hour race in 2 weeks, which I will only be able to do if I incorporate walk breaks.  Another reason to take walk breaks.  Plus, I already have 8 marathons under my belt, none of which I walked – despite the many hurdles I encountered.  I already proved to myself that I can run a marathon.  No need to be so stubborn (eh, em….this is what is called irony) and insist on running this marathon because it’s counter productive to my long-term goals.

It was suddenly so obvious yesterday on my short 2-mile run.  I guess I just needed time to think through it completely and come up with the decision on my own, that way I can own it and not be bitter.

In a weird way, I’m now looking forward to being able to take a few walk breaks.  It will help me keep my final goal – The Fall 50 – in mind and not focus as much on this marathon.  And since I’ve gone through such great lengths in other areas of my training (i.e, hiring a Coach, seeing a nutritionist, etc) that it would be foolish to not take this part of my training just as seriously.

If I’m going to talk the talk, I need to walk the walk.  Literally.

Until next time,

Gotta run!

#toostubborntoquit #doepicshit


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