What’s your “Movie Moment”?

We’ve all seen the movies where one moment in time – some words of praise from a boss, a teacher’s encouragement, a delayed flight or a missed phone call are the cause for the way the person’s life turns out, as they know it.  The person can trace back in time the reason they are – for good or bad – who they are.  Where they are in life can be attributed to some thing or some event.  I can actually trace back a “moment in time” for my husband’s career.  His participation in the music industry from being part of the crew for local bands, to booking bands as an agent and then transitioning out of that field and into radio and promotions can all be traced back to one incredibly innocent moment in time.  I believe it’s incredibly rare to be able to look into your past and find one moment that defines who you are today.  It’s not normally one moment but instead a collection of all experiences, good and bad that form who we are.  And I do believe this, but when one “moment” was the catalyst, that’s kind of cool.

I’ve always thought about my past and how it shaped me into who I am today and I always wished I had one Hollywood movie moment to thank or curse for who I am and where I am in my life.  My life is pretty boring and pretty low-key so a movie moment never jumped out at me.  Until now.

While I don’t know the exact day and time it happened, but the day I decided to try to run a few minutes is the day my life changed.  And I don’t mean this in a light shining from the sky, the world gives me new meaning and  I’m an all around better person, awe-inspiring way.  I’m still me for gosh sake, I’m not going that spiritual.  But I mean, a lot of really cool things in my life have happened because I started running.

Brian and I took trips to San Diego, New York (twice), Vermont, Boston and this fall we will be going to Maryland and these trips are all directly tied to running.  We’ve seen scenic sunrises, metro streets that are normally loud and busy quiet and vacant, we’ve run past luxurious indulgence and pretended to belong in places we had no business belonging, but as a runner we were tolerated. And we paid for these trips with money we made working running and endurance events.  Events we participated in as runners and then transitioned from participants to organizers.

I’ve met Olympians and Sports Legends.  I made new friends because of the runs we take part in and the events we work.  Friends who make me laugh and are always a good time.  And nothing beats the good times had with friends while running.  Some of the silliest conversations happened while running.  And some of the best belly busting laughs occurred while logging some miles.

And it’s not like I wouldn’t have had laughs with friends if I didn’t run.  But I wouldn’t have had NEARLY the amount of great and unique experiences and memories to look back on.

So the day in 2003, when I decided to try to run on the crappy treadmill we had in the bedroom of our duplex, set off a chain of events I NEVER would have expected.  I never dreamt I’d go from huffing and puffing and having to stop in less than 2 minutes, to training for a 50-mile solo run.

So thank you cheap treadmill and my 2003 self for being part of a defining “moment” for me.  I like what’s it’s done for my life so far and anxiously await to see what’s next.

Until next time,

Gotta run


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