Big Girl Panties

It’s been a tough week.  Motivation is at an all-time low.  And ironically the lack of motivation started while I was working an endurance event, something that normally kicks my motivation into overdrive.  But not this time.

I am part of the Ops Team for the Door County Triathlon and this weekend of events hit its peak on Sunday with a Half Iron. I love watching these athletes compete, I live for this shit.  But this time, while I watched them, instead of being inspired by them I envied them for being done.  I was so completely jealous that their event was done and they could finish their summer by relaxing.

I also believe another contributing factor to my lack of motivation is that none of my friends are in high-training mode now.  Brian has a sprint Tri at the end of August, but he’s not really doing too much training for it.  I have a couple of friends that are running and biking to stay in shape for a sprint tri as well, but again, they aren’t disrupting their lives for it either.  And then there’s a lot of my friends that are just completely taking time off from training.  For one reason or another, they aren’t doing anything.  And this too makes me very envious.  And while I doubt I’d ever just do nothing (at least I hope I don’t ever do nothing, I need to stay active and healthy), having the option to do nothing appeals to me.

And then of course the fact that it’s supposed to reach 90 degrees this weekend and the humidity will be out in full force doesn’t help matters.  I can’t even fathom what it’s going to be like to run 5.6 hours in what could be 90 degree heat.  Hell on earth, I’m guessing.

So these contributing factors made for an extremely low week for me.  Probably the lowest I’ve been during this entire journey and the most unmotivated I’ve been to this point.  And while I knew this was going to be hard and I knew the heat was going to smack me in the face and I knew I’d be running back-to-back long runs week-after-week, the fact that I’m now “in it” and doing it, makes it really real and really hard.

So as I warned Brian the other night, “buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride”, I need to take my own advice. I need to put on my big girl panties, leather up and buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Until next time,

Gotta run


#TooStubbornToQuit #DoEpicShit



7 responses to “Big Girl Panties

  1. You think you have it bad. I have to sit through a 3 hour Cubs game in the bleachers with a bunch of drunks! And I may have to take a smelly train on top of it.

  2. And it’s going to be a 100 degrees with 100% Humidity. And my drinks will taste like pee.

  3. Are you going with the gang? If so, tell Fish to spring for a limo so you don’t have to suffer through a smelly train ride.

    Also, why are your drinks going to taste like pee?

  4. You need to remember the end goal and focus on the joy you will feel when you cross that finish line. In your training up to this point, you have accomplished so much more than most people I know and you have not even raced yet.

    You never thought in your wildest dreams you would ever do something like this and you ARE doing it because you have a spirit filled with perseverance and focus.

    Dig deep, let the weather throw whatever it can at you. You can handle it because you don’t back down and know it when you get through it you will be even stronger.

    Got get em!

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