7 years vs 3 months

So, as you could probably tell from my earlier post today, I am at a low point right now with my training and I’m absolutely burnt out.  I’ve been thinking more about the fact that I’m just so fatigued, literally and figuratively and that’s when “it” dawned on me.  Prior to 2015, I had run a total of 8 marathons.  Since my first marathon – Cellcom Green Bay Marathon – in 2007 to the 2014 Chicago Marathon, I had only run 26.2 miles 8 times total.  And it dawned on me that since June 2015, when I ran the Manitowoc Marathon, I have run in excess of 26.2 miles 8 times.  So prior to training for the Fall 50 it has taken me 7 years to run 26.2 miles 8 times, but in training I’ve now done MORE than 26.2 miles 8 times in 3 months.

Son of a Bitch.

No wonder I’m so flippin tired.

Until Next Time,

Gotta Run

9/12:  33.11 miles

9/5:  33.15 miles

8/22:  35.60 miles

8/15:  31.36 miles

8/1:  33.03 miles

7/25:  27.25 miles

6/27:  28.18 miles

6/14:  26.2 miles


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