Getting super nervous, and I’ve still got over a week to wait

I’m happy to announce, I’ve cycled through a crap load of emotions in the last 24+ hours and I’m in a better mood now. About 4 hours ahead of schedule too!

While I’m so unbelievably nervous – to an extent that goes beyond the nervousness I’ve ever felt for any other event/race – I’m also getting excited.  I want the Fall 50 to hurry up and arrive because I can’t sit here and think about it any longer.  In the words of Nike… I want to “just do it”.

I’ve also come to terms with finishing after the cutoff time – kind of.  I know I’m going to finish after the cutoff and I’ve always known that, so be it.
And while I had originally thought that if I’m not going to make the cutoff, that I want to miss the cutoff by a lot.  I mean, my motto has always been… go big or go home!  So let’s miss the cutoff by a lot!!  My reasoning for wanting to miss it by a lot is that If I miss the cutoff by 10, 20 or 30 minutes, I would second guess the whole damn run and wish I didn’t stop to eat or wish I hadn’t changed my shoes or wonder if I could have made it if I didn’t stop for photos or high-five my friends.  Well, screw that.  I want to high-five my friends and I definitely want to stop for the occasional photo op.  I want to have fun doing the Fall 50.  Well, as much fun as I can have while running 50 miles.  But I’m not going to change who I am, or what I do because of a stupid cutoff time.  Besides, if I do finish close to the 11 hour mark, that means I had a good run and a good day!  That’s exactly what I DO want.  So to wish anything else is just silly.

So bring on the Fall 50.  Let’s do this already!

Until next time,

Gotta run

#toostubborntoquit  #doepicshit


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