5 months since the Fall 50 – where am I now?

Today is the 5-month anniversary of the Fall 50.  Are you wondering what I’ve been up to in the past 5 months and what I have in store for the future?  Well, pull up a chair and let me fill you in…

The last 5 months emotionally has been one helluva roller coaster.  November just flew.  I had a brand new event I was working in Maryland in November that took most of my attention for the month.  This event went really well so between my giddiness over having completed the Fall 50 and pulling off an extremely successful Maryland event, November had me riding high!

The rest of 2015 went pretty quickly.  The holidays always go so quickly and there’s so much activity that there’s never a lack of something to do or something to preoccupy me.

And then January hit.  I hate winter and I hate the post-holiday doldrums.  Add to this the fact that I was no longer running a bazillion miles a week and the increased caloric intake that comes with the holidays and I was fat, bored, lazy and cranky.  Good times!

February I climbed the John Hancock in Chicago. It was supposed to be a nice distraction and a new workout for me to focus on, since I scaled back and wasn’t running.  It did give a good workout, but it didn’t fill the void and it didn’t take any weight off.

It’s now March, I’m still fat and cranky, and I have since went back on my vow to take this year off and I have signed up for a fall marathon.  I need the discipline, I need the endorphins and I just need to get back at it.  While I LOVED not having to worry about getting training runs in during the peak winter months, I realized I didn’t like how easy it was to make an excuse NOT to run.  While I haven’t stopped working out, I still workout 5-6 times a week, I wasn’t running much.  I would go two weeks and only get one run in, and that wasn’t ever a long run.  I just worked my way back up to running double-digit miles.  Yep, my long runs are now at 10 miles.  Seriously, how sad is that?  It’s amazing how quickly a person can lose their running fitness.  I thought all the working out and cross training I was doing would help my endurance stick around, but no such luck.

So, while I’m not running crazy miles now, I am running around like crazy.  My side jobs really keep me busy – and I picked up one more side job since I last wrote a post – and I’m on the edge and I may very well lose my mind real soon.  I have some home projects and an incredible vacation planned that I need to pay for, so that helps me focus when I want to scream and/or cry.  Which is another reason I need to get back to running.  While it’s so, so, so fricken hard to take 1-5 hours on a Saturday to get a long run in, I realize how much that time helps me refocus, get centered and stay sane.  While I run, I don’t think about work, I don’t think about my side jobs, I don’t think about my schedule.  I think about running.  And that mental break is priceless.

And while postpartum, baby blues is a real thing, so too is post-event, Fall 50 blues!  The emotional roller coaster that was the Fall 50 training and day-of, was fricken intense.  Then add into it the post event high which was followed by a void.  A big, huge void.  Holy balls, how does a person deal with that?  I can’t even fathom how a professional athlete or Olympian handles it.  I truly can’t.  Maybe they are more emotionally balanced than I am.  Or maybe they go through it too but they just never speak about it like I am.  But man, the struggle is real my friend.  I’m actually still dealing with it.  I believe my hormones and my body are all out of whack from training and it’s still trying to adjust and get back to normal.  And in doing so, my hormones and emotions are RAW!  Yes, I know what you’re thinking… my husband is a saint.  True.  But he’s a Saint that also needs to sleep with one eye open, because I can’t be held responsible for my actions until I start marathon training again!

So, that’s the short version of how the past 5 months have gone for me.

What have you been up to since October?  Miss my posts?  Hopefully once I start training again in late spring/early summer I’ll have some interesting antidotes to share with you all again.  Or maybe not.  Maybe I’ll go postal before then and I’ll be writing “The View from Cell Block B” blog instead!

Until then,

Gotta Run!



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