New Goals Await Me

I’m excited and I haven’t been excited for a long time.  And the reason for my excitement you may be wondering?  Well, I’m setting my sights on a few new goals.  Once I did the Fall 50 solo last year, I’m been struggling for a goal that would keep me motivated.  And as my lack of running in 2016 has shown, I can’t find a running goal to keep me on track.  I’m burnt out from running and it’s a bit of, “been there, done that”.  I mean, I conquered a 50 mile race, I think I’m due for a break.

My new goals:

  • Spartan Race
  • Sprint Triathlon

While these may not seem like overly complex or tough goals for some, to me they are a bit like climbing Mount Everest.  Well, at least the sprint tri is.

The Spartan Race – one of the tough ones – not the “easier” ones that are too similar to a Warrior Dash – that requires a person to carry a 50 pound log up a hill has gotten me so jazzed.  The workouts leading up to it would be intense.  But I would dig that challenge and the change up it would bring.  The thought of doing more “bootcamp” style workouts and really trying to increase my upper body strength would be such a refreshing change from running for 6-8 hours at a crack!  I love the idea of working on my endurance – but only up to 13/14 miles – and getting stronger too.  And the mental and physical strength that it takes to compete some of these Spartan Races is just the challenge I’m looking for.

And while I can’t imagine carrying a 50 pound log up a ski hill, the thought of putting my face in the water to participate in a triathlon is even more mind boggling.  And here’s a dirty little secret for you… it’s because I can’t swim.  Nope, I can’t swim.  I can float.  I can probably doggie paddle long enough for someone to throw me a life fest if my boat was sinking.  Maybe.  But swim a length of the pool?  Forget about it. No way in hell.

I have such anxiety about swimming and putting my face in the water that just typing this is making me break out in a rash.  I took swim lessons as a kid, I believe I was 5 years old.  And I flunked.  So I took the class again.  And I flunked again.  I took the class a few more times until the instructor felt bad for me because I was the older kid in with the younger kids so she passed me just to get me out of class.  Seriously.

And while I have an intense negative emotional reaction to putting my face in the water.  I have an even greater negative emotional reaction to wearing a swim suit (something other than board shorts and a sensible tankini) AND to putting my hair in a swim cap.  Neither one is a pretty look.  I have big thighs that don’t fit nicely into a swim suit.  And I have A LOT of hair that does not fit nicely in a swim cap.  I am just not made for swim attire!

So, with all of this anxiety, why in the world would I want to do a tri?  It’s exactly for these reasons that I want to do it. I want another challenge that scares me.  Something that seems unattainable – like learning how to swim and being okay in a swim suit – that I can work towards attaining.  Something that is hard both mentally and physically.  Something that scares the crap out of me.  And a triathlon is just that type of challenge.  And the fact that – like training for a Spartan – the training would require me to do more than just run, has gotten me jazzed.  I’d have to train in 3 sports for the tri and do a wide variety of workouts for a Spartan Race and this helps relieve the running fatigue that I am still experiencing.  The workouts will be challenging, different and something other than running.  Sounds perfect to me.  I feel like I may finally be getting my mojo back.  And I haven’t seen my mojo in almost a year!

So I’m not sure which challenge I’ll tackle in 2017, either one will be exciting.  And no matter which challenge comes first, you can sure as hell believe a plethora of foul-mouthed and temperamental blog posts will come with it.  You’re welcome!

Until next time,

Gotta Run



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